For Amusement Only

For Amusement Only captured the hearts of all pop-punk fans in the early 2000’s. Their Single Believe from the One for the Team EP received high rotation on Triple J, rocketing into the #1 spot on the net 50 in 2003. After a promise of an album that never came and to the dismay of their strong and ever growing fan base, the band called it a day in 2004 and this tour will see the original line up back together for the first time since. Ben Hall answers some questions for Hi Fi Way ahead of the tour.

Awesome line up, how did this tour come about?
Hey man, I think it was all Luke from Chopdog, it would be a really hard job to get bands that aren’t really bands to all play at the same time it’s taken years just to get our band together again so hat off to him for making it work somehow.

Do you find not touring as much, or not at all, that you actually do miss it?
Well it’s definitely been not touring at all, it was such a long time again and I do miss being on stage sometimes, but my memory of touring is almost like a flashback or dream. And while I had so much fun I also remember the fear of not knowing if one of the boys will jump of a table and slap your bare back, or the long car trips where everyone would go mad and the intense hangovers and no sleep haha but I am really looking forward to this!

Has there been a lot of fan pressure to tour again?
Yeah heaps, I reckon there has been at least three or four people that have asked us to play again.

Did it take a lot of convincing to get that band back together?
Yeah it was more just the logistics, everyone living in different places but once we got the ball rolling everyone was super keen to make it happen

Do you think this tour will lead to something more regular?
Haha you will have to ask me after, we may never want to see each other again after this or we may be in love.

Will there be a bit of competitiveness between all the bands on the bill?
No way, I’m sure it’s a bit of fun for everyone and we are just excited to be playing with our old friends and seeing them play again almost as much as playing ourselves. Plus we have never really taken ourselves seriously, hence the name.

Is there an arm wrestle or rock paper scissors to work out who headlines each night?
We have requested a jelly mud wrestling pit to be installed at each venue for this purpose, haha nah Antiskeptic will headline for sure.

Do you get to compare rider requests?
We will just drink our rider really quickly and then steal theirs.

Who do you think will be the biggest prankster on tour?
Probably me or Dan.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch For Amusement Only on our with Antiskeptic and Seraphs Coal. Tickets from OzTix

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