Comedian Michael Shafar is Getting Better and he’s bringing his new show to the Adelaide Fringe. After selling out shows Jewish-ish, Kosher Bacon and 2019’s critically acclaimed 50/50, Shafar giving us his comical take on Getting Better after getting through cancer.

As seen and heard on Channel 10’s The Project, ABC’s Comedy Bites, Triple J’s Good Az Friday and SBS’s RAW Comedy, Adelaide audiences can see him at The Squeaker at Gluttony – Rymill Park. Shafar answered a few questions about Adelaide Fringe for the Hi-Fi Way.

This is your third year in a row at Adelaide Fringe. What keeps you coming back?
I just really like coming to Adelaide! The festival is a lot of fun and the crowds are really supportive and are there to laugh. There’s also a really great yiros place that I eat at twice a day near Gluttony, which is probably the main reason why I go back every year.

What do you like most about the Adelaide Fringe?
They put up lights everywhere. I don’t know what it is, but I just think they look nice. Also, there are really great food trucks all over the place. I guess the shows are good too.

Your new show is called Getting Better. Tell us a bit about it?
Last year I did a show called 50/50, which was about my diagnosis and treatment for testicular cancer. Getting Better is a lot happier! It looks at the last twelve months of my life and how my health has gotten better, but also how I’m working hard to get better as a person, a partner and a representative of my Jewish community. I also solve racism in the show, and it’s really not that hard to solve actually.

Is it easy or challenging coming up with new material for your shows?It’s definitely a challenge coming up with new material, and I make a goal to write a new show every year so that my audience can come back and have a good time enjoying a new show. It’s also challenging coming up with new perspectives on topics, but those changes kind of happen naturally. This year I talk a lot about my relationships with my mother and my long-term girlfriend, which have changed quite a lot over the past year for the better. Writing about my life and the changes I go through makes it easier to come up with a new show each year.

What are 3 reasons why people should come see Getting Better?

  1. It’s very funny. You will laugh a lot. Like a lot.
  2. It’s really great if you’re a couple. You’ll relate to it heaps, especially if you’ve been together for over three years. If you’re one of those 18-year-old couples who celebrate having a one-month anniversary, don’t come to this show.
  3. I solve racism. Come find out how.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Catch Michael Shafar’s Getting Better at The Squeaker at Gluttony from March 3 to 15. Tickets from FringeTix

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