Bad Boys For Life

Mike and Marcus are the most loveable, funniest detectives back for Bad Boys For Life. Fans have invested 24 years in the lives and mishaps of this dynamic duo, beginning in 1995 with Bad Boys and continuing in 2003 with Bad Boys II. With the same attitude, family values and swag, the third film matched the action, quick-witted comedy and emotional depth as the previous films.

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith and Doug Belgrad, Bad Boys For Life begins seventeen years after we left the duo. We see an establishing shot of Miami and a high-speed drive in Mike Lowrey’s blue Porsche speeding through the streets with Marcus Burnett’s standard complaints about Mike’s driving skills. From the first scene, it’s clear the bad boys are back and ready for more fast-paced action and hilarious interactions as they solve crimes while balancing their family life and loyal brotherly relationship.

With the original actors from the 1995 cast, including Captain Howard, Theresa and Reggie, the film hits fans with nostalgic jokes and references, successfully building on the initial complex relationships already established in the previous films. With a solid storyline, plot twists and unpredictable events, we learn more about Mike Lowrey’s past before meeting his partner Marcus and more about what Marcus’ lively family have been up to in the past decade.

Between Miami and Mexico, the film interweaves a revenge story involving the police force, a new team of detectives and ‘bulletproof’ Mike and his ‘spiritual’ partner Marcus. The buddy’s lives are once again in danger as they navigate their way through their world of crime as they fight for justice in another nail-biting ‘don’t look away’ action comedy. Many cop comedies have been produced over the years, but the thing that sets the Bad Boys trilogy apart from the others, is its witty jokes referencing past and contemporary issues in America. For example, during a car chase scene, Marcus screams out that their black cops, and they’ll pull themselves over later. The defining element in Bad Boys For Life, is the integration of the new generation of both the Miami police force and the Burnett/Lowrey family. On multiple occasions, the duo accept the help of the next generation task force to solve their case, with Marcus even telling Mike; “This the remix.”

With a combination of classic fast cuts, slow motion drama, catchy soundtrack, literal magic, fire, fury and many flying bullets, the films resolution leaves fans laughing out loud, cheering and definitely wanting more. These iconic bad boys connected with us through multiple decades and the third instalment surpassed all expectations. This is a sure-fire hit. Don’t waste time, get yourself a seat to the next generation Bad Boys For Life!

Movie Review By Zara Zampaglione

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