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Brisbane’s Jeremy Neale has released his new single Still Want You Around Me. His new album We Were Trying To Make It Out will be released Friday 28 February 2020.

The grind is tough. We’re all just trying to get by – but at what cost? You can chase a dream but if you’re in the working class – everything else suffers for it. In Still Want You Around Me Neale explores the sentiments not often shared with those closest to us when we’re strung out or snowed under – featuring the feel-good sing-a-long chorus of the summer!

The video is a lighthearted clip, which highlights the importance of friendship. Neale says of the video “I jumped at the chance to work with Muppy again. One of the finest actors of our generation and someone who brings integrity and real-world grit to any role they take on.
In this case, in a video filmed and edited by renowned director Jesse Hawkins, amongst a backdrop reminiscent of the mean streets of Sesame – we took on the intense subject matter of friends who are doing it tough but don’t wanna talk about the reasons why. Heck, maybe they wanna sing about it instead. Maybe this solves nothing and they might’ve just needed some space. Either way, if you’re doing it tough and I can help in anyway – let it be known that I “Still Want You Around Me”.

Due to a huge demand by the fans, Polaris have released the video and track, Hypermania, taken from their second studio album, The Death Of Me, out on February 21 via Resist Records.

Hypermania was introduced to the band’s live set at the end of last year and are stoked to officially release it ahead of their appearance at Unify Festival this weekend. The Death Of Me Australian Tour supported by Wage War, Crystal Lake and Alpha Wolf kicks off next month with Melbourne, Brisbane and 1st Adelaide show all sold out. The remaining shows are selling fast and tickets won’t last long.

“Hypermania is a song about losing your grip on reality, questioning your sanity, and feeling like you’re on the verge of an explosion all the time. Paranoia, mood swings, white-knuckling your way through the day just barely holding it together. The whole lyrical direction was inspired very directly by the music itself. Rick (Schneider, guitar) has this knack for writing these kind of Southern-hardcore-meets-nu-metal riffs that no one else in the band could write, stuff that’s really noisy, abrasive and discordant, but also tight and bouncy, and that’s where this song began.” Explains Daniel Furnari

Beach Slang will release their most accomplished album to date, The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City this Friday, January 10 on Dew Process Records.

Featuring special guest bassist Tommy Stinson of The Replacements on the entire new collection, the band has unleashed one final new album single, Stiff – out now.

Dripping with seediness, Stiff is strapped with a snotty riff, big, razory bends, back-alley vocals and a knuckly drum hook. “Rock & roll is a church for weirdos and degenerates, the brilliant and the forgotten. It’s the only place a whole lot of us have,” shares James Alex. “And we’re here for it.”

Perth industrial metal groove act All This Filth have officially released their brand new video for the track Drowning which comes off their latest album Misery Season released last year. This is the band’s first full video feature.

In support of the new single & video, the Perth group have announced the second leg of their “Drown In Misery” tour which will take the band on their first interstate run into NSW teaming up with Sydney death metal act Gutter Tactic. The tour kicks off on January 25th in Perth as part of the first ever Wacken Metal Battle event in Australia and continues into Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong in February.

On the song and upcoming video for Drowning, frontman Brendan Preston comments: “Drowning is basically about my terrible mental state. It’s about Depression and the feeling of constantly being dragged below the surface and rising again, only to be hit by another wave. It’s relentless. It’s just life for anyone, but made much harder when you’re suffering from a mental illness. I think a lot of people can relate and connect to the song and that’s why we’ve decided to do this as our first video clip for the “Misery Season” album.”

Hot off the heels of their most colossal year yet, Crocodylus today reveal secret track Feed The Shark taken from their latest EP Enjoy. Those with a vinyl copy of the EP may have caught the delightful surprise hiding at the very end of final belter Kraut which offers a different speed from the usually raucous surf-rock trio.

Light and poppy the song employs jangly guitars and plenty of crowd-sourced vocals which will surely be a treat live. Never ones to take time off the band will undertake a bunch of under 18s and 18+ dates spanning across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide this February to belt out the chorus live.

YouTube Originals has announced it is partnering with global superstar Justin Bieber on his first-ever docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons, to premiere on January 27 at 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PT / Jan 28 4.00am AEDT. The series will bring Justin Bieber back to YouTube, where it all started, to give fans a full circle look at his life. Fans can tune in to “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020” on ABC after the ball drop tonight for a preview of the series and a special message from Bieber himself. Check out his new single Yummy.

“When I was getting started, YouTube provided me a platform and a community where I could share music, experiences and moments with my fans,” said Justin Bieber. “It feels great to partner with YouTube for this original documentary series. I want my fans to be part of this journey.”

Nada Surf has Australia deep in their thoughts as they release their new single. So Much Love is the uplifting latest taste of the venerable NYC indie icons’ long-awaited ninth album Never Not Together (arriving via Barsuk / City Slang on February 7).

It’s music the world needs right now – the concept threaded throughout the album is about how we’re connected, no matter where we’re from or who we are. By extension and like the record as a whole, the opener and consummate Nada Surf single So Much Love swiftly seeps in as an uplifting anthem of sorts, overflowing with all the the things that make the band great – it’s positive, and full of kindness and hopefulness.

Frontman Matthew Caws explains: “It’s a song that celebrates good will between people. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that it’s there. but it’s all around us. Small things add up. a little tolerance and acceptance can be built on. we’re good at love and being kind. it comes naturally to us, but so do other things. You just have to keep looking for the right way to lean, it’s worth everything.”

Algiers have debuted new track and video We Can’t Be Found, taken from the London/NYC four-piece’s highly anticipated third album There Is No Year, out January 17 on Matador Records / Remote Control.

The mesmerising visual for the sinuous, dub-inflected song, which builds to a soaring, cascading chorus, propelled by the powerhouse vocals of frontman Franklin James Fisher, was directed by Ian Cone. “I always feel the most successful music videos are the ones that are reflective and convey the mood of the song to the listener over everything else,” says guitarist Lee Tesche. “In this instance, we collaborated with the artist Lloyd Benjamin, trying to frame some of his sculpture work in a more abstracted way, referencing the urban dystopian cityscapes found in the German expressionist films of the 1930s. The result aspires to be somewhere in between the unsettling work of Darius Khondji and the set design of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.”

With the November release of their debut single, Brisbane’s newest punk rock band Haters crashed onto the scene with Feel Better, an important anthem dedicated to mental health trials and solutions. Today, they usher in the new decade evoking smiles (and other reactions) as they present their first music video.

Shot with good friend and director Michael Geddes, the video sees the pair of troublemakers – Jai Sparks (guitar/vocals) and Jimmy Priest (drums) – hitting the streets of West End, Brisbane, armed with bunches of flowers to see how the community react when randomly offered a bunch. A nice thought, if they weren’t wearing balaclavas.

Their name isn’t to be taken literally – Haters align themselves squarely with the bullied, the ones like 16 year old Greta Thunberg who do good things for the good of the planet, but still cop a barrage of disdain in the process. And besides, “Lovers” was taken.

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