Silverstein Detail New Album “A Beautiful Place To Drown”

This year Silverstein celebrate their 20th anniversary, a rare milestone for any band but even more impressive for one that’s been as consistently active, influential, and crowd-pleasing as the Ontario-based post-hardcore legends. To mark the occasion the five-piece are announcing their upcoming ninth studio album titled A Beautiful Place To Drown, out March 6 via UNFD.

It’s an album that fittingly encapsulates the best of Silverstein while pushing their sound into daring new territory. The band are also sharing the record’s lead single and music video, Infinite, featuring Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie in one of the album’s several exciting guest spots. The song is a blistering cut of aggression and melody that demonstrates Silverstein’s ability to seamlessly blend modern sonics with the evergreen energy of their punk roots.

Silverstein may be proud torchbearers of the emo and post-hardcore scenes but appearances from Gillespie, Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo, Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier, and perhaps most surprisingly, hip hop fireband Princess Nokia, are indicative of the band’s wide-reaching impact and their ability to reach listeners in all worlds of music. A Beautiful Place To Drown captures this appeal in its dynamic range of sounds and styles, all made cohesive by the performances of vocalist Shane Told, guitarists Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford, bassist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler.

The record sees Silverstein push themselves lyrically as well, exploring the mental duress that seems to be inextricable from the personal and societal challenges of modern life, often focusing on external perspectives and even political elements without losing the band’s trademark intimacy. Overall A Beautiful Place To Drown is sure to please old fans and new ones alike, proving exactly why Silverstein remain a vital and powerful voice in punk rock and beyond.

Following their appearance at UNIFY this weekend, Silverstein will tour heavily throughout 2020 with over 40 dates slated throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. The band will be pulling out all the stops to honour their entire catalogue in the live setting, performing three sets at each show: their seminal 2005 full-length, Discovering The Waterfront, in full, a stripped-down acoustic section, and a careering-spanning batch of fan favourites.

A Beautiful Place To Drown is out Friday March 6 via UNFD. Pre-order HERE


  1. Bad Habits ft. Intervals
  2. Burn It Down ft. Caleb Shomo
  3. Where Are You
  4. Infinite ft. Aaron Gillespie
  5. Shape Shift
  6. All On Me
  7. Madness ft. Princess Nokia
  8. Say Yes
  9. Stop
  10. September 14th
  11. Coming Down
  12. Take What You Give ft. Pierre Bouvier
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