Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure

Join Dr AudiYO, a beat boxing clowncome-superhero, as she sets off on a surreal adventure to slay The Beast, who’s on a rampage to silence the city. She must use her ‘magic looping bum bag’ and enlist the help of the audience to save the city! Holly Austin tells Hi Fi Way more about the show.

What can families expect to experience at Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure?
The show is a joy-filled, choose-your-own adventure that follows Dr AudiYO, a beat boxing superhero who’s on a quest stop the Giant from silencing the city. It’s for ages 7 to 107 and I promise it will have your imagination buzzing and your inner kid giggling.

Is this the first time performing the show in Adelaide?
Yes, it sure is. I’m so excited to bring the show to Adelaide audiences as part of the Something on Saturday program.

Is the show fully interactive?
Yes, the show is a choose-your-own adventure so Dr AudiYO relies on the audiences to help her decide on which path she should take and what she should do next so she can destroy the Giant.

Do the kids pretty much take over the stage and get right into it?
They definitely have a big role to play… and so do the adults. It’s the audience that become the true heroes of the show. The show is lots of fun and no doubt unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Are there plenty of take-away messages from the show for kids?
For me it’s the audience participation within the show that is at the heart of the work… the power of collective action and collaboration, and no matter how old you are the importance of imaginative play.

Is it harder to write songs than to maintain the interest of kids?
Both have their challenges, and when creating Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure I had to combine the two! I had to write songs that kids would like using only my voice and the ‘magic bumbag’ (a world first in wearable technology that was created especially for the show that allows me to loop and effect my voice). It required lots of experimentation and making lots of noise to create and layer city soundscapes, helicopters or monster roars until I found something that worked.

Are kids the toughest critics when it comes to live performances?
Haha! Yes! One of the things I love most about creating work for young people is that they let you know straight up if they’re into the show…or not. This has made me strive to create highly imaginative, engaging and surprising work that most importantly kids and their families will have a blast watching. In Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure there’s plenty of surprises. I hope you can all come along on January 18th for the ride.

Interview By Rob Lyon

See Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure on Saturday 18 January at either 1pm or 3pm. Tickets from the Adelaide Festival Centre.

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