Stephen Cummings Acoustic Tour

“Poor pilgrim is invited to the city
The city soaks it all up and expands
The wheel turns and history changes
Tread softly
Speak kindly
Speak clearly
And I’ll set you free”

Poor Pilgrim from the album Prisoner Of Love

Iconic performer and songwriter Stephen Cummings took his bow to Australian audiences during his farewell tour at the start of 2019. Cummings was supposed to have retired after he finished touring his new albums, Prisoner Of Love and 50 song anthology A Life Is A Life, but he grew bored of the down time, and has decided to perform a limited number of acoustic shows from February to May 2020. There would be no more talk of stepping down!

Stephen says, “you will see me at the height of my powers, taking you on a wonderful spiritual journey you’ll never forget, with my guitarist Sam Lemann.”

More info at Stephen Cummings Official Facebook Page

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