Polish Club Release NYE_2020_Megamix.EXE

Only days now until the annual countdown, guitar-drum duo Polish Club today release NYE_2020_Megamix.exe, which includes their original new track Countdown and a megamix of 6 party starter tracks ready to kick off the brand-new decade.

Boasting an expansive sound like previous singles Clarity and We Don’t Care, the melodic Countdown intro’s the Polish Club’s favourite party songs, reworked to their trademark sound. Unashamed fans of 90’s and 2000’s pop and RnB music, hits like Kylie Minogue’s On A Night Like This, Fisher’s Losing It and Real McCoy’s Another Night have all been transformed into guitar layered rock covers. NYE_2020_Megamix.exe EP was recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time producer, bass player and honorary third Polish Club member, Wade Keighran.

Singer-guitarist Novak says of their new EP, “After using Christmas and Valentine’s Day for our own personal gain, we are starting to run out of holidays to turn into a gimmick, but fortunately there was still New Years for us to exploit. We wanted to write new music but we also wanted to make a megamix of bangers like they used to do (I don’t know who they are, but i feel like that was something they did). So once again, we’ve managed to turn taking the piss into something we took completely serious. Anyway, it was something to do…”

This news comes a week before Polish Club’s 5 Year Anniversary Show at the legendary Polish Club in Ashfield. Novak and John-Henry will be performing on the sold-out night, three sets spanning all their recorded releases; their first self-titled EP, their debut album Alright Already and their 2019 release Iguana LP. The one-off show is expected to rival any office xmas party with Polish finger food served, Polish dancing, raffles and good friend and venue proprietor Lucian MC’ing the night.

On A Night Like This | Losing It | Another Night | Music Sounds Better With You | Young Hearts Run Free | Canon In B-Flat

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