Deez Nuts, Antagonist A.D., Born Free, Brainfreeze, Tunnel Vision @ Jive, Adelaide 12/12/2019

It’s been quite some time since Deez Nutz were back touring in their home country. In that time, they’ve toured the world and released a stomping new album You Got Me Fucked Up. In true hardcore fashion, they are creating a smorgasbord of bands for your entertainment.

Opening the proceedings is Adelaide’s Tunnel Vision. This show is on the back of their debut work Deathbed, and despite a new and a short twenty minutes on stage, it’s hardcore with that Sabbath groove that goes across well with the early patrons in the venue.

Brainfreeze have been quiet recently however you would not realise from the show tonight. Venomously driven vocals with an old school Agnostic Front vibe, the moshers start their engines fuelled by the bands aggressive energy.

Directly after is Born Free from Melbourne. The riffs are heavy and they keep the breakdowns coming, one after another. They demand the pit does the ‘old two step’ dance and one gentleman proves he’s no sloth by engaging in breakdancing down the front too.

New Zealand’s Antagonist A.D. come for you straight out the gates and they don’t let up. With crushing breakdowns, the first pit of the night swells back and forth with the music. They show why they’ve been making waves across the ditch with time changes that jolt you into the pulse of the music.

While Jive may be a dimly lit, Deez Nutz are incandescent from the stage. JJ Peters prowls across the stage, making eye contact with each and everyone of the audience directly. The opening declaration of Tonight We’re Gonna Party is a statement for anyone and everyone.

The band start with the old school numbers to get everyone feeling pumped and by the time Stay True is launched like a rocket missile across the room, the audience are grabbing the microphone and taking over. Deez Nutz are certainly boujee, their desire to involve everyone continues throughout the night as they start to drop tracks from the new album.

Bitterest End, with that heavier than the weight of the world riff, is shared between the audience in true hardcore family sense while DTDFL4EVA sounds even more gloriously brutal performed live. Who isn’t singing the words to Crooked Smile when that explodes?

Singalong and Band Of Brothers brings the set down the home straight at a blistering pace. JJ still getting low into your face, stalking the stage for the next energy transference. This was a show in the truest sense. Drinks were being spilt yet everyone was embracing the moment and bellowing the words back at the band. Tonight, was about solidarity, it was about living in the moment with your brothers and Deez Nutz got everyone really fucked up.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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