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One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, Krafty Kuts is coming for the Block Rocking Beats on December 28 at McLaren Vale winery Simon Hackett Wines. Krafty Kuts will play all his greatest mixes and some new songs off the new EP Wandering.

Tickets to Block Rocking Beats are available via Moshtix and it will be a big day not to be missed with legendary artists Dimitri from Paris, GT with the Gospo Choir and Shy FX with MC Stamina also in the line up. Krafty Kuts chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about performing in Adelaide and what crowds can look forward to on the day.

You’re performing at Block Rocking Beats in December. Are you excited to be coming to Australia?
I am yeah! Australia’s got a massive place in my heart. I’ve had obviously some of the greatest gigs of my life with Field Day and Big Day Out. Oh my God! I’ve just had so many fun times there and I’ve been on some great line-ups and tours. Every major city I’ve ever gone to in Australia, the reception has just been awesome. These people really know how to party. I think what makes it special in Australia is the weather is a bit more consistent and it’s warm in summer. If you’ve got an outdoor festival people put their shorts on, have a few beers and a boogie to some good music and the vibe is set. If there’s a good DJ and good music it seems to resonate with the crowd. I’ve always had a really good time in Australia.

Do Australia’s festivals match up to the one sin the UK?
To be honest I think it’s a different vibe. It’s weird, if you put it in this context, so you know what the weather’s like in the UK it can be very hit and miss. When the weather is good it makes it easy to have a really good festival. For me Australian crowds are really vibrant and just out there to have fun. They go in big groups and everyone is excited. People have travelled a long way to come over and they just want to get down and have a good time. The music is anything goes in Australia from rock, pop, indie, funk disco hip-hop or breakbeat. It is an accessible base for good DJs to go and be successful, I think.

When was the last time you came to Australia?
It was about a year and a half ago.

You obviously come quite often.
Yeah! When Breakbeat was really popular in Australia, I was touring the Big Day Out quite a few years ago, I was coming to Australia twice a year. It got to a point where Australia was flooded with a lot of International DJs. There’s only so much money people can afford to spend isn’t there? The club scene in England has really suffered because there’s so many festivals. I don’t know what it’s like in Australia now if the club scene has suffered because of the festivals?

Well I don’t know if its suffered, there’s definitely a lot more festivals but I think people just may prefer festivals over clubs.
Yeah, that’s a really good point. Maybe people just prefer to save up their money for a festival and just party. There are some extremely good festivals in Australia. I would say Adelaide is a little bit more niche, I think.

I definitely think we are a bit more niche. We have a lot more wineries putting on festivals. Are you looking forward to seeing our wine region?
Oh, I love it! Yeah, I really do! What I love about Australia is the way of life. It reminds me of Canada. It’s very outdoorsy, people just go about their way and have a really good time enjoying their environment. Enjoying the food, the weather, family, having BBQ’s and stuff like that. Going to the beach and people are very healthy and active. That’s my way of life.

Wandering is your new EP. Can you tell us a bit about that release?
I’ve always had been influenced by funk and jazz. What I’ve tried to do with the EP is combine some of those elements in a modern way. I think on the EP there’s a nice little mixture of stuff. Speaker Buster is heavy club scene, Right There is a jazzy funky saxophone thing, Wandering is a very melodic keyboard sounding song with a really cool vocal. I think I tried to encapsulate that very crafty, funky, jazzy sort of vibe and just show another side.

How do you keep your music fresh and exciting?
Through my career I’ve have been to get to know a lot of the DJs out there. You get to hear what’s coming out and a lot of DJs will send you stuff. Even going Spotify and apps like that, there are plenty of new artists out there to find. When you play music and have been in music for such a long time you’ve got that knowledge and experience so sometimes if the music around you at the time is not as hype as you would like I start thinking “you know what?” I’m going to dig into the crate and find a couple of classics, maybe do an edit or a re-vamp, a re-lick or a bootleg of something just to introduce in to the set to fill that gap that might be missing. Then maybe you can use that at the end or maybe one of your other edits in the middle just to link up your set and make it that more interesting. That’s what I’m always doing with my set. When I come to Australia it’s very important that I bring the hot stuff. I have to bring the monsters as I say.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Catch Krafty Kuts at Block Rocking Beats, tickets at Mosh Tix

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