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Ella Fence new single Love Me On Purpose is a slab of beat laden electro firepower. A baroque dance groove with a narrative. A song with deep volumes of differing musical layers and moods, an offering that’s young and vibrant with lyrical evidence of darker fingerprints. The second single from her debut album, it’s an empowered track about not being played around with.

“The lyrics “love me in the daytime” are my favourite line from the track – because fleeting and flakey “love” (in my experience) tends to be fuelled by the evening – when there’s alcohol and the vibrancy of the night. Something about wanting to be a part of someone’s day life feels different to me than only wanting to be part of their night life.” – Ella Fence

Hailing from Canada, rock trio The Carbons deliver their newest single Comforts That Kill after impressing Australian audiences on their recent tour here!

“Whether it’s alcohol or narcotics, substance addiction affects millions of people around the world. Much like the effects of the substances, Comforts That Kill uncovers the topic of addiction in a multi-climactic, clean AND distorted rock ride.” – The Carbons on “Comforts That Kill”

Forged in Western Canada, The Carbons are a rock trio known for their multi-climactic live shows, deep powerful vocals and huge groovy drums. Their debut LP August Ash is a 10-song groove rock ride that explores the shallower waters of young adulthood and progressively dives into deeper human challenges like mental health and temptation. With songs such as Jerry, Can I Dance with Your Sister?, All I Need, and Stuck in Your Head, the trio delivers melodies that grab you by the earlobes and lyrics that tickle your soul. Their latest single Black Mirror is a continuation of the dive. Fun and entertaining at first glance, the song uncovers the common fear that our best years may be behind us.

Perth darling Noah Dillon and his four piece alt-rock band have already had a massive career, being nominated for awards (WAM Song of the year award in the pop category for You Did It To Yourself), garnering Triple J plays and rave reviews on new single Don’t Act Like You Know Me and performing at Big Sound Festival 2019, Music Matters Singapore 2019, WAMFest 2018 & 2019, Wave Rock Weekender 2019 and Fairbridge Festival 2018. Noah Dillon is now rounding out the year with EP Everything Melts (Out Oct 4th), premiered by Pilerats.

The band, consisting of Noah, Jack Hill, Claudia Genovese and Sam Rocchi, have been wildly successful since the release of their first single The Man I’m Not in 2017. Their songs have received hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify along with community radio and national radio airplay across Australia. The band say that while they play under Noah’s name, there are large amounts of creative input by all members and their sole purpose is to portray the message of their songs.

Everything Melts provides heart-tugging messages throughout each track, with Noah explaining that the EP “is a collection of songs written over the past two years of my life. There are many reoccurring themes throughout the EP which when I listen back reveal there influence in shaping me through adolescence. I guess in a sense it documents my coming of age; leaving the comfort of school and institution into navigating the world I’m in now.”

Only a few months into his solo career, Perth singer and producer Nic Rollo has already amassed tens of thousands of Spotify streams and support from community radio for his single Show Me What Hurts. This momentum has carried onto his EP What Happened to the Kid, which has begun attracting international press and radio play in the UK and US pre-release.

Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Perth and mixed by Dave Parkins, Rollo reveals “the whole EP recording process was amazing, it was the first time I’d been in a proper recording studio. The attention to detail and encouragement that WAM nominated engineer Dave Parkin paid to what we were doing, and also how he personally helped me grow as an artist was phenomenal.”

This attention to detail helped bring Rollo’s music to the fore, with his introspective nature making the music so compelling to listen to, by allowing himself to be vulnerable. Rollo explains, “[songwriting] is very much a venting process for me, allowing me to deal with a lot of the negative emotions and thoughts that I have. This venting typically results in the songs to be quite dark lyrically”.

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