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Queensland-based singer songwriter Bobby Maguire has announced his new single Moving to the City, a sweet song written to inspire self-confidence in the young artist before a big life change which is out now. The song is also accompanied by a charming clip, and reflects a hilarious, whimsical journey from the country to the city. Moving to the City is the first taste of Bobby Maguire’s debut self-titled album, set for release on November 29. To celebrate the release, Bobby will be playing a very special, intimate hometown album launch show at Elixir Bar in Cairns on November 29.

Moving to the City is a poppy, chirpy track, and it’s pretty hard not to smile as the honest, uplifting lyrics play out. It’s refreshing to allow this acoustic guitar-driven track to wash over and perhaps reminisce about moving from a childhood home to a college dorm or first share house. It’s sentimental, but fun, and exudes enthusiasm and anticipation. Bobby tells Hi Fi Way more about it.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single and album?
The lead up to the release of his album has already generated a lot of excitement from fans and media it has taken me by surprise. I am so grateful for the support and I can’t wait to showcase these new songs with the band.

Was the process of making your single and album as challenging as you thought?
It was quite challenging. From day one in the studio there were hurdles with my first drummer perforating his ear drum, my guitar amplifier blew, various illnesses and then a revolving door of drummers hampered initial progress. But nothing good ever comes easy and with the outstanding efforts of producer Kris Hutchinson we finished the album and I am really happy with the way the songs came out.

Sonically, how would describe your music?
Upbeat yet emotive, strong and subtle. Rich with melody, featuring elements of Brit pop and indie rock sprinkled with an evocative edge and punk undertones.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Artists like The Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and Nirvana would have to be the main influences on my music as you will be able to hear through out the album.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Audiences go out to ‘see’ live music, not just to listen, so give them a show.

What is the Bobby Maguire life story?
When I was fourteen I had chest surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital which put a stop to my motorbike and football passions so I picked up the guitar. By sixteen I had already performed to crowds of thousands at various music festivals with my self-made music video featuring twice on Channel Ten. This solidified my love of music and I haven’t looked back since.

Weeks after finishing high school I left my rural home for the big city of Melbourne to complete a Bachelor Degree of Music. While studying I began to pen new songs as well as singing/playing in a variety of bands, music videos and even a live recital on Channel 31.

After graduating university, I returned home to the beaches of Far North Queensland to release my single Breathe in April 2017. Barely a month later I tried my hand at theatre in Audrey Cuttlebuttle’s Great Bally Hooley Escape which ran eighteen successful shows over Port Douglas Carnivale 2017. Hosted on and around a moving train I composed and performed the entire score for this daring production. In 2018 after returning home from some European shows I got to share the stage with The Cat Empire before heading into The Studio Hutch to begin recording this current album.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
In 2020, I will be spreading my music down south, solo and with the band, including regional and city dates as well as festival slots so keep an eye on this space.

What’s next for Bobby Maguire?
As well as gigging like crazy I am already writing songs for the next album so while I am performing this new record around the country I will also be crafting my next production.

What is a weird songwriting experience you have had?
One morning I opened my computer to find that I had written and recorded an entire song the night before with absolutely no memory of it. I then had to listen to it over and over just to re-learn my own song. It is Track 8 on the album The Messenger.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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