Stories from the inner city, mixing elements of alternative indie, pop-rock and 90s emo is what Ceres are all about. Ceres drag inspiration from the rivers, roads and relationships that colour their town, failing loves and dragging months. This great band is heading to Adelaide to play Stonecutters and the band answer a few questions about what they have been up to and what’s to come.

Is the band looking forward to playing Stonecutters festival?
Yes indeed! It’s been a few years in the making. We’ve been keen the last few years but it hasn’t really worked out until now. Stoked to play at Lion Arts for the first time too. It might be the best mid sized venue in the country! Go Adelaide!

Do you approach playing a festival any differently than you would your own show?
We do. At our own shows we’re not afraid to take the crowd on a bit of a journey, maybe play a few deeper cuts and slow songs. Festival sets tend to be just wall to wall bangers. The hardest part is choosing which bangers! There’s just too many!

What is the number one request on the band’s rider?
Melbourne bitter. (Followed by Burger Rings in a close second)

What can punters expect to hear on the night?
The punters can expect to hear all their favourite Ceres tunes. Songs to dance and cry and cuddle their friends too. There’ll be some amazing banter as well, a few west ends will make sure of that.

Who is the must see band on the Stonecutters line up that punters must see?
There’s some rippers on there. Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are a great band, catchy as heck and super solid. I’m super excited to see Skeggs. Last time I saw them was at Splendour about four years ago and they were the first band on playing to about one hundred people. They’ve come a long way since then. High Time are always a turbo good time, ska punk is alive and well in Adelaide.

Have you been happy with how We Are A Team has been received?
Stoked! People seem to be really digging it. My mum loves it, that’s all that really matters right? I just can’t wait to play some more songs live, there’s too many hits!

Has the creative process continued on?
For sure! We added a new member to tour this record, Stacey Cicivelli, who is an amazing songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Every time she starts noodling on a guitar it’s just so musical and inspiring, I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like in Ceres songs. Pure magic, I’m sure.

Is there any new music on the horizon to follow up the album Move Like You?
That is a great question and one I’m not sure I understand. I hope so?

How is 2020 shaping up for Ceres?
It’ll probably be off to a slow start with a few babies thrown in the mix. Got to get out and tour this record a bit more I reckon. There’s some cool creative ideas in the works that will be mysteriously hitting the internet some time soon….

What is an unknown factor that most punters wouldn’t know about the band?
We’re actually surprisingly happy for a band with such sad sack songs. We’ll probably even smile on stage, do a couple of high kicks. Frankly might do a stick twirl if you’re lucky.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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