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First an indie sensation, then a stadium-slaying juggernaut, now experts in the subtle art of pop seduction, Irish heroes Two Door Cinema Club are celebrating the fevered reception to their just-dropped fourth record False Alarm with a string of unmissable appointments across Australia in November. This promises to be a tour not to miss and Sam Halliday talks about False Alarm and touring Australia.

It’s an exciting time with the Two Door Cinema Club tour starting this week?
We’re very excited to get back, it has been a long while, we’re looking forward to it.

False Alarm is a fantastic album, was it a challenging one to make?
It was quite chilled actually. It was the first album in a while where we didn’t have any time pressure. usually we’re recording around shows or at least started recording and you have to be finished at a certain point before booking a world tour. We had a lot of time to expand on things, explore sounds and song structures. I think that comes from Mark having the time to mess around in the studio. We have been working on it for a long time and it is great that it’s out.

Was it important for the band to have the chance to take time out to refresh and come up with those ideas?
I think that’s the thing that we are realising is that you just need to slow down sometimes especially given that the writing time is mixed in with the down time. The longer you spend writing an album the longer you have to hold off going back out on the road . It’s not that we don’t love touring but I think we are at the point where we need some time to talk to our self and not stuck somewhere in the middle.

Did you find that you had more ideas than you knew what to do with?
For the first time we had a lot more, more than an album’s worth. We still have a lot there we can go on with which is great. We’ve felt like we have always been scrapping the barrel for the last one because we are on the road touring with the pressure on. It was nice to have a larger group of songs to choose from this time. Hopefully we’ll get the other ones sorted as well.

Do you think the Two Door Cinema Club sound has changed much?
I don’t know, I felt that given I haven’t listened to the albums side by side but for us there has been some natural progression. We never go in and record thinking that let’s make it sound like this or that. I think our musical influence is getting wider and the longer we have been doing this the more confident to take it outside the box.

Were there any significant influences on False Alarm?
I felt that the Talking Heads was a very important album in terms of the style and lyrics. We were always fans of Talking Heads but it wasn’t until we started working with Jacknife Lee, who was a massive Talking Heads fan, and we’re continuing to work with him coming back full circle. That feels like a good reference point of where we are at with this album. There’s still a lot more in there and whenever we are working with Jacknife he has this crazy, eclectic collection which he puts on when you’re there . It’s weird wonderful music.

Are you enjoying playing these new songs live?
Yeah, it is so much better now that they have been released because we had them for so long. We have been opening our shows with Talk and it puts the show in a good mood straight away. Generally they have been going really well and we were a bit nervous starting the tour in festival season and being fans of music you don’t want to hear new songs at festivals. It has been great seeing people dancing around to the new ones.

What do you love about Australia?
Apart from the gigs, going to the beach when it’s warm is great compared to when we were here in July for Splendour coming all this way and it’s cold like Britain.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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