Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels has a legacy and for many people there’s the original TV series with the iconic Farrah Fawcett (Jill Munroe), Kate Jackson (Sabrina Duncan) and Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett) and then the first movie series with Drew Barrymore (Dylan Sanders), Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook) and Lucy Lui (Alexandra Munday).  Those who remember the TV series have much to compare and those who remember the first movie will have something a bit more recent (albeit twenty years ago recent) to compare and most will say that their version of “original’ is better. Its certainly a tough act to follow and the new Charlie’s Angels tries very hard to do the franchise justice.

The story starts with the new Charlie’s Angels has now become a larger corporate international company with more angels and a Bosley for each team in each country. The Angels, Sabina Wilson played by Kristen Stewart, Elena Houghlin played by Naomi Scott and angel in training Jane Karo played by Ella Balinska and unlike previous Angels the chemistry and bond between the three is not evident from the start. It’s something that progresses during the film.

They’re on a mission to protect the world from a newly invented device called the Calisto which has the capacity to cause large scale damage. The angels are hired by Karo which is the employee who helped develop the prototype and eventually becomes an angel in training. The film has all the elements; fight scenes, comedy, twists and turns and a guessing game of who is the bad guy. Somehow though you can’t help but want a little bit more from it.

Elizabeth Banks is Director and plays the part of Bosley. Banks is great as Bosley and its refreshing to see a female take on the iconic character. The film in general does its best to give a female empowerment message and there is a role reversal of all male characters being the supporting roles. They kept with honouring the original characters with Patrick Sewart playing Tom Bosley and a surprise guest appearance by original angel Kelly Garrett.

Charlie’s Angels is fast paced and entertaining enough, but it had potential to go to a higher threshold of excitement.

Film Review by Anastasia Lambis

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