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Young Robin is a five piece effervescent and and charismatic band from Perth and they’ve just dropped their new single Tropical Punch. A catchy calypso tune that captures the essential summer vibe. Jed Begho from the band chatted to the Hi Fi Way about their new tune and all things Young Robin.

Tropical Punch is your new single and it has a feel good vibe about it. Tell us about that song?
I think we just kind of came together one day and we literally came up with that riff in a couple of hours. It was a very quick style but I think we were just enjoying the weather at that time. It just came about really easily.

What’s the song about?
Its about being there for somebody and reassuring them they are worth more than they think they are.

Young Robin songs have a very upbeat and optimistic kind of sound. How would you describe your sound?
Oh that’s a good question! Its really hard because we all listen to different kinds of music. So, whatever we are listening to at that moment we take influence from that. We try emanate Perth summer as much as we can. It’s kind of reflective in our music at the moment.

How do you prepare for the creative process when writing songs? Is it an individual or a collective process?
Sometimes one of us has a riff and they bring it to the rest of the group or sometimes we just jam it out and then something cool comes from that jam. Then we work on that specific thing that stood out.

Does everyone have a chance to write the lyrics or it one you?
Usually its myself and it stems from me but everyone does contribute to the word as well.

How long has the band been together? How did you all meet?
We’ve been together for about four years. There have been a few changes in members. Some of the original members aren’t in the band anymore but we originally met at school. Then from school the past drummer was doing a course and he asked me to help write a song and from there we all kept playing shows. We enjoyed the process and then eventually got some new members in and the band we have now is where we are at now.

How long has the new line up been together?
About nine months now.

Do you think you’ve dound the right mix now?
Definitely. Yeah yeah yeah. We are all on the same wave length. With the past members things change and people move on with their lives but with this new team we’re doing really well. We’ve written a lot of songs together that we’re very proud of and Tropical Punch is one of them.

How did you come up with the name Young Robin? Does it have a meaning behind it?
(laughs) There’s no real meaning behind it to be honest. We were at Baskin Robbins (Ice Cream shop) and we just thought “Hey! Why not? Robin as alright word.” Then just out Young because Young and Robin kind of fit (laughs) and that’s how it came together. There was no deep meaning. It was spare of the moment? (laughs)

You’ve released a couple of EPs, any plans to release an album?
You know what? We all do want to release an album. I don’t know when but hopefully soon. We will probably release another EP before an album. That’s the main thing on the cards for sure.

The bands played a few festivals like 2019’s Collision Festival and Joondalup Festival, do you enjoy playing to a festival crowd?
Yeah, festivals are really fun because a lot of people come to see some other bands and then they get exposed to our band in the process which is always good thing for us. We also get exposed to these fans and get to talk to them and see what they’re thinking and what they’re listening to at the moment of what bands they came to see. It’s very inclusive, I guess. Yeah festivals are really fun.

Is the live aspect important part of the band?
Yeah, we are definitely a live band. We all write our songs with the mindset of how we are going to play it live. How it gets recorded in the studio is how we visualise our songs for the live performance. We try to bring as much energy as we can to our shows and make sure everyone has a good time.

Perth really has a great music scene. Is there a different kind of vibe emerging from the Western Australian music scene?
Oh yeah, definitely. There’s a lot of talent in WA and I think you really need to be exposed to the WA music scene because it’s actually coming up. You’ve a new band called Spacey Jane they are really talented individuals and many more coming out of the woodwork here. I think we’re very unique because we are really isolated form the rest of Australia. We don’t really get influenced much by trends. The WA music scene is great.

A lot of WA bands seem to follow their own creative and artistic path is. Is that how you see yourselves?
Definitely, definitely. What ever we want to make and in terms of trends we kind of ignore them. We do take it into consideration, don’t get me wrong but that’s not a defining factor on how write our music and how it comes out and you’re true to yourself the whole time.

Has music always a part of your life? Has it been something you’ve always wanted to do or did you fall into it by accident?
My family has always been involved in music throughout my life. They have exposed me to a lot of different artists when I was young. I think that led me into wanting to do music but the defining factor was in Year 10, I was about 15 and I really wanted to start doing music fulltime. I started learning guitar and I’ve been taught piano as well. I guess it was a lot of things that influenced me to want to pursue music. I didn’t really fall into it but I guess there was a specific moment in time “like ok I want to do this!” It’s always been in the back of my mind.

What are the future plans for Young Robin?
Playing more songs, write more songs and hopefully we want to tour the East coast. Hopefully we also come to Adelaide as well. That’s something we really want to do is tour and hopefully eventually overseas. For fans to keep up to date they can follow our Social Media pages – Young Robin and Instagram @youngrobinband  

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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