Emerging from one of the eddies in the independent undercurrent of Brisbane’s 90s music scene, the past twenty five years have been of ceaseless re-inventive spirit, playing with form and flux, the affection of self-parody, ever ambling a rickety bridge of modus vivendi, all bagged up with an effervescent outsider enthusiasm that has never left their skin. And now… to pound the quarter century mark with a fully blown visually rehabilitated retrospective of a show straddling a holographic hyperbole of antiquated technology, trawling the analogue back through the digital Regurgitator hit the road with Shonen Knife and The Fauves. Quan Yeomans speaks to Hi Fi Way about the tour.

Celebrating twenty five years for Regurgitator do you think you’re getting closer to getting that gold watch?
Definitely! I’m not sure who is going to provide that but is their some body that provides the gold watch? I always feel uncomfortable about wearing watches! Maybe I could go for a gold chip and have that implanted.

Is there a secret to keeping Regurgitator going so strong for so long?
I think you have to ween off the drugs and get on to the ones that reduce inflammation the you’re set for a good decade long after your used by date.

I know the band has experienced peaks and troughs but it does seem like Regurgitator are going through another resurgence?
It’s nice, I’m not sure if I have a sense of that resurgence you have, it might be just point of view stuff. We just bumble along in my mind.

Do you get nostalgic when you look back?
Never! No never! I don’t look back for some weird reason. I’ve been forced to look at some of the old interviews that we have done and I sound like such a c**t, a really intolerant prick, which I’m sure is part of the reason Martin and I didn’t get a long well.

At least you’re moving forwards…
Do you really change ever? That’s the question! It is interesting that you see parts of yourself that are a common thread through the whole of your life and other parts that orbit around that central theme.

Can you picture yourself doing anything different than being in a band?
I think I might of been homeless if I hadn’t been successful with this band. I can’t imagine myself doing a nine to five ever really. That would have been a terrible tragedy. I feel very lucky to have been able to do what I have been doing for the last twenty five years. You just don’t know, there’s no alternative endings or real failures or successes really I don’t think.

Are there any plans to follow up HEADROXX?
There is always the possibility but we are kind of a bit swamped at the moment. We started this kids album thing and running fairly heavily with it, well our manager is running fairly heavily with it. After doing about half a dozen to ten shows of that neither of us are inclined to be that kids performer. We thought this is kind of fun but actually it is quite a difficult thing to pull off I think. It is a different hat to wear and you have to really prepared yourself for it. With that piling up on us it has been a bit harder to think about Regurgitator music for both of us. We have other things on the side. Ben is preparing for another art exhibition in Brisbane and I have been doing work with a cartoon show doing soundtrack work. It is tricky to put it back on the plate. I’m sure we’ll get sick of all the other stuff and turn our minds back to the band again wondering what direction to go in once more.

How do you go about picking the set list for this tour?
There will be a wide variety, there’s some songs we haven’t played in a long, long time. It’s a little nerve wracking but a lot of costumes this time around. We thought we’d make a bit of an effort, it should be a fun retrospective.

Awesome to be touring with Shonen Knife and The Fauves?
I know! I know! I know! We haven’t toured with The Fauves for years and years. They have always been a funny lot to play with, very self deprecating 90s stalwarts. It should be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Regurgitator with Shonen Knife and The Fauves on the following dates…

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