The Fauves

The Fauves are back on the road with Regurgitator and Shonen Knife which is well under way now and will be venturing to all corners of the country. This tour has a strong leaning to their new double album Driveway Heart Attack which is out now. Andrew “Coxy” Cox does a quick Q&A for Hi Fi Way.

I really dig The Fauves and have done so for a really long time. Do you get nostalgic touring with bands like Regurgitator who did quite a bit back in the day?
We’re not into notions of “nostalgia” and “back in the day”. We’re still a functioning band and not interested in being stuck in the past.

What moments stick out most for The Fauves back in the 90s?
Drawing much larger crowds than we do today.

Does the whole rigours of touring still excite you?
Not on a year-round basis. But to do a tour every now and then is still fun.

On this tour can music lovers expect to hear a career retrospective styled set?
Yes, we will cover quite a few of our twelve albums but our focus is always more on our newer material.

What was the thinking beyond doing a double album Driveway Heart Attack?
The album is dying/dead. Attention spans ever shorter. What better time to release twenty two songs that almost no one is going to take the time to listen to? Every band should have at least one vainglorious double album in their catalogue.

How would you describe Driveway Heart Attack sonically?
It sounds good. I have a very limited vocabulary when it comes to describing music.

Are there any plan to re-release some of the hard to get albums, prehaps deluxe editions of brilliant albums such as Future Spa and Lazy Highways?
No. We fund everything ourselves these days, so we would rather lose money on making a new album than on re-releasing old ones.

I’ve always wanted to ask this question but are dogs really the best people?
Good dogs are better than bad people.

What’s next on the horizon for The Fauves?
Invitations to play at funerals maybe?

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch The Fauves on tour with Regurgitator and Shonen Knife on the following dates…

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