Crusty Demons Hits Adelaide This Weekend

Extreme freestyle motocross legends the Crusty Demons will be coming to Adelaide this Saturday, 5 October 2019 to perform at the Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville, SA as part of their Rise of the Demons World Tour, their first tour back in Australia for more than a decade.

The Crusty Demons are renowned for their radical, death-defying stunts, impressive world record jumps, backflips over helicopters and countless stunts combined with incredible production. They are set to bring their explosive show to Australia for a mammoth run of an 11-date tour around the country from August 2019. Set Enslow drops by Hi Fi Way to answer some questions about the Adelaide event.

For those who have seen Crusty Demons before what is new and different with this show?
Well a lot of new young riders and the tricks have evaluated over the past eight to ten years. It’s great to see how much the sport has changed and raised the bar. Guys are doing fun flips on the bike and double back flips.

How do you go about learning new tricks without injuring yourself?
Well the biggest thing is foam pits and cranes to get out of the foam pits. So they could practice new tricks into the foam and they say OK I think I’m ready to take it to dirt or landing. That way you aren’t landing on your head and breaking your neck on the first go. You get it figured out and body position in the foam pit without getting injured. There is always danger factor there but it’s taken a lot of the danger taken out of it with the foam pit and airbag landings.

Do you have much involvement in designing the show and thinking of new ways to do the impossible?
Yeah I have a bit of input shows just keep getting better and better and it’s keep evolving. Giving the crowd what they want to see and try to keep everyone safe but at the same time doing a dangerous show. Where the tricks are high level of the scale and the same tricks that are getting gold medals at the x games are the tricks you will see at the show.

How do you prepare to get yourself in the zone to perform these stunts and tricks?
For me it’s kind of routine I have been doing it for so long. Take the time to meet the fans and take pictures with crowd and give them autographs. Give a good burn out on the Harley Davidson smoke the place out .

What’s the worst injury you have had?
Probably when I broke my femur bone, it’s the biggest bone in the body. Put me on the couch the longest to heal and they put a rod down through it. That was painful.

Finally what is your favourite meal on tour?
I’m a big fan of meat and veggies or salad. Whether it be fish, chicken or steak all good for me. You eat a lot of junk on the road lots of pizza after the show.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Tickets from for the Adelaide show at Royal Adelaide Showgrounds Saturday October 5…

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