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Adelaide band Audio Reign have set the bar high with their new self titled album. This larger than life band is big in every way. Big sounds, big vocals and big ambitions. Audio Reign are ready to make some waves in the rock world. Their new single Pill is loud and unapologetic with melodic tones telling us the truths about the harsh vices of life.

The lads from Audio Reign Jake Fleming (frontman/guitarist), Alek Dyrynda (lead guitar), Ash Lovett (bass) and Dieter Schoell (drums) chatted music, ambitions and all things heavy rock with the Hi Fi Way.

Pill is your new single. Its quite a punchy hard rock song with a great energy. What’s the song about?
Its basically a song about the vices we have, it could be whatever like drugs, alcohol, gambling or anything. Its about the higher the high the harder the fall and all the things you go through in life. No matter how high it seems you always come down hence the line “To come down” and it may not always be good but it can be devastating.

Was it an easy song to write? What’s it a very personal song?
Most songs that we do are personal but with Pill when we were writing the music, I thought whatever comes out and I just let it speak to me and see how it makes me feel. Thinking about those kinds of things at the time that’s obviously what came out when I listened to the music that we wrote for it. So yeah it is a bit personal. We’ve all had our issues and problems but its not a sad song, its more of a warning.

Your sound while being pure hard rock is quite melodic. Are you conscious to write these kinds of songs and have that kind of sound for Audio Reign?
Yeah, we’d like to think so and we generally try to get the bones of the song as much as possible then start to add the melodic elements to it. Its all part of the process. Audio Reign we do base ourselves on being a heavy rock band but the melody is definitely part of it for sure. Its definitely what we are about having that melodic element to our sound

What was it like to shoot the video for Pill?
Hectic! (all laughing) Our last video Betrayal was a massive two day epic shoot and that was a bit more hectic but Pill was hectic because we had a mate from Melbourne and we shot it all in one afternoon. We let him have creative control over what he wanted to do and you could tell from Betrayal that this clip is very different. The guy who shot it likes that late 80s videos and this is a bit more basic and it really has that 80s Aussie rock style. We weren’t trying to be too crazy and Pill being such a wild song he made it in your face kind of style and it suits the song.

Your new self-titled album is also out. Are you excited that its finally out?
Yeah absolutely! It was a long time coming and after the first EP that came out, we had some more songs coming out but to bring the full album out was a great feeling. It was great to have it out we’re really happy with the songs on it hence we are releasing more single off it. We wanted people to hear the songs and have some longevity to the album.

As a band what was the creative process when you wrote the album?
There were about four or five songs already written. Originally, we were going to do a five track EP then we sat down and before we knew it, we wrote six more songs so decided we may as well do a whole album.

You mentioned you were going to release an EP then it turned into an album. Are album still relevant today?
Albums are still relevant. I mean in todays society its very easy to get songs from places like Spotify and people are listening to singles. In the old days people were buying albums and listening to them from start to finish and have a whole journey. But to be in the big league and get international you need albums regardless. Obviously, albums aren’t as relevant as they used to be but they are still relevant for a lot of people. Any big international bands aren’t bringing out EPs they’re bringing out albums. Singles are released off albums so they still get to hear the singles but the albums there for those that want to listen to the whole album. Sometimes releasing singles leads people to listen to the whole album as well. I think bands are defined by albums more so than just single.

Do you think that’s more in the rock scene than in the pop or dance genres?
I couldn’t tell ya! (laughs) You’re asking the wrong guys. We don’t listen to pop (laughs) But yeah we do know what you’re saying they will continue to release single after single and I don’t know if they put them on albums or not (laughs).

Obviously, you’re not pop guys that’s ok (laughs)
Well we just had an example in the last week a band like Tool coming out and outselling Taylor Swift with an album. That speaks volumes!

What’s your thoughts on the Hard Rock/Metal scene in Adelaide? There seems to be a loyal following and appetite for this kind of music.
I think the heavy scene has come back in the last year for sure. You see the likes of all these heavy band coming back. So, its time again and people are wanting the heavier stuff. There so many sub genres like metal and heavy rock but we just stay true to ourselves and write our Audio Reign style and hope to God that we keep our following and get a bigger following.

Which bands or artists have been an influence on your sound and style?
Lots! In our band if you ask each of us who are our influences it would be many and varied. We all have defend influences to each other. Obviously, there’s some cross overs but between us Guns n Roses, Deftones, Jimi Hendrix.  Its all over the place but that’s the beauty of our band having so many influences that when we get to writing that you get a bit of everything.

You gig around Adelaide a lot. Any opportunities to take it interstate or rock festivals?
Absolutely. We have a big year planned next year we have a new manager to ease the burden. Being in Adelaide its limiting whereas in Europe you can tour all over to different countries because of the distance. We are definitely going to go hard this next year and try to get around a lot more. We have done some Melbourne shows and in around Victoria and the Airlie Beach Festival but we are heading to another Festival in Brisbane next year. Our Manager is looking after us and getting us out there.

How would you describe your live shows to people who haven’t seen you?
Its loud! We pride ourselves on our lives shows and that’s where it’s at. Our live shows are energetic and great to watch. We not about standing in the background that’s for sure! If you haven’t seen us come and see us! There’s lots of sweat! (laughs). Be prepared to sweat.

What’s the future look like for Audio Reigns? What are the goals?
World domination! That’s pretty much sums it up. We’re not about sitting around in the background hoping the winds going to blow our way to make things happen. The bottom line is getting exposure. Getting over to Europe and getting our name out there.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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