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Fresh off the back of sold out shows in the US, UK and Europe, today The Jungle Giants blast back into our ears with fresh new track Heavy Hearted. The single comes along with an announcement of a huge national tour that will see the band take their electrifying live show around the country.

Written, produced, recorded and engineered by lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sam Hales, Heavy Hearted melds the infectious energy The Jungle Giants are renowned for with driving beats and hypnotic accents. The band will be doing a special release of Heavy Hearted on 7″ vinyl, available at all shows (and online down the track). Cesira Aitken speaks to Hi Fi Way about the tour.

It is really exciting that The Jungle Giants are back on the road for another massive tour?
It has been a while since we’ve done a headline tour but I guess given we do them so frequently that when it is been a little while it does feel a bit like oh my god.

Since Quiet Ferocity has it felt like an absolute whirlwind?
It does a bit, in July it has been two years since that album came out and it has felt since it has come out we’ve been doing shows the entire time, touring non-stop, at times it feels like a drag but it totally isn’t. We’ve had blocks of time off, it has been so fun and so busy and definitely has gone so quickly.

Does the pressure start to build now to have to follow up Quiet Ferocity with something that band feels exceeds what you have done previously?
I don’t think so, with Sam’s writing we feel confident in him and he is confident in himself and his ability. There has never been an air of stress or anything when it comes to touring or releasing music. There is a really calm energy, we take it really seriously when we have to, but it seems all good at the moment.

Has there been much discussion about the next album?
Heavy Hearted is a stand alone single that we worked on November last year. We went down to Melbourne to listen to some demos in the studio and out of all of them this is the one that super stood out like dancing on the couches for it. We were super keen to go ahead with it and a single to put out there for the fans. There is no real album release plan just yet, the single has been put out to keep the machine rolling until new stuff starts coming. Everything is a bit hush hush right now.

Is that a really tough challenge keeping that momentum going?
Yeah, it has been a while since we have released any new music considering we have done a new record every two years and released singles between the records. It has been the longest time we have gone without having anything new out there. We thought it would be best to drop something that is feeling relevant for Sam that he was in the mode for in context of the stuff he is writing at the moment which we all really like.

What is the story behind Heavy Hearted?
The was the demo that really excited us, I think it is a personal one for Sam. I never got around to asking him what the meaning of the lyrics are, sometimes he tells us, sometimes we just skip past it. It is probably more a question for Sammy Boy!

How has the touring gone overseas?
Really good, there’s more planned for next year which is super cool. The last tour we did a little bit in Europe, London, Amsterdam, Paris and then we went to America playing four shows over there condensing it in to a month. It was awesome and we sold out all the shows playing at some awesome clubs, we keen as to get back there.

Do it amaze you when you find out how far and wide The Jungle Giants music has gone?
Yeah, it was funny playing the shows because people have been asking us to go overseas for so long and with so much music we have out we realised we had to play a bunch of older songs because they have been hanging out for so many years.

Can Adelaide fans expect the band to go deeper in to the back catalogue this tour?
We’ll definitely be going back and revisiting some older songs and playing them for sure. Adelaide is always a fun show and we always have a kick on. I have a hazy memory but Adelaide is always a good one.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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