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The Underground Lovers are thrilled to be sharing Seven Day Weekend, the latest cut from their upcoming new album A Left Turn. Due for release on October 11, A Left Turn is the tenth long play from the Underground lovers. Continuing to surprise and inspire their dedicated and growing fan base with new music, the Undies will embark on a national tour throughout November, featuring special east coast guests and psychedelic groovers, The Lovetones. Vince Giarrusso answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way in the transit lounge in Dubai.

Congratulations in advance for new album A Left Turn, did this one feel like a labour of love or was it well calculated about how it was to unfold?
Every record is a labour of love, but the production choices are calculated once we get a sense of the direction the songs are heading. We leave plenty of room for spontaneity in the studio though.

Is there a hidden message behind the album title?
The title refers to an incident on a holiday where to get to the beach you took a left turn. Any other meanings are incidental.

Was there new ground you wanted to explore with this album?
Yes new ways of working in the studio . The songs are always there waiting to be outed.

Does anything in particular influence the direction you took with the album?
Yes whatever happens in the moment . Some of these songs are fifteen years old… others we made up on the spot in the studio.

What do you think Wayne Connolly brings to the table?
A love of music played in the moment . An ear for guitar textures. A feel for the song . An instinct for rhythmic emotion . A work ethic that is unprecedented and a low carb approach to studio catering that bordered on keto.

What was your first reaction and thoughts to when you heard the final mix of the album?
We fell in love . With the knowledge that when the next one comes along we will fall in love again.

Is there a secret to longevity as a band?
Love, communication, loyalty, inclusiveness, trust, kindness and care.

Are you looking forward to getting back out on the road and playing these new songs?
Yes but we are nervous about playing new songs and making them work in a live settin . We refuse to play along with a computer on stage so we go all old school which makes everything chaotic. We like the challenge and we like the fact we don’t know what is going to happen.

Is it hard working out which ones to leave out?
Yes… some songs are so attention seeking.

Behind this tour what’s next on the horizon for the Underground Lovers?
Lots of exciting things in the pipeline… new music , some reissues , some top secret projects and maybe a wedding.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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