INXS To Release “Dekadance” on Vinyl

1984 was a breakthrough year for INXS, their album THE SWING had spent five weeks at #1 in Australia, and the band had started to make major inroads in the USA and Europe thanks to the Nile Rodgers produced single Original Sin.

Back in 1984 to celebrate THE SWING selling 250,000 copies in Australia the band released DEKADANCE a remix collection available only on cassette with six different covers, one for each band member.

Marking the 35th Anniversary of THE SWING 6th September sees the long-awaited return of this seminal seven-track remix collection with its first-ever official vinyl release (250 12” promos were made at the time which now changes hands for hundreds of pounds).

The band gave the title DEKADANCE to two separate collections in as many years, 1984’s version of DEKADANCE features six extended & re-mixed versions of songs from THE SWING album; I SEND A MESSAGE, MELTING IN THE SUN & BURN FOR YOU which were remixed by Nick Launay, the Nile Rodgers remix of ORIGINAL SIN, the 7” version of DANCING ON THE JETTY mixed by band member Andrew Farriss which was released as the albums fourth single and a rare mix of LOVE IS (WHAT I SAY) by long-time INXS producer Mark Optitz.

As a bonus track on the original cassette, there is a seventh song which wasn’t taken from THE SWING a cover of the Nancy Sinatra / Lee Hazlewood duet JACKSON performed by the band together with Jenny Morris duetting with Michael Hutchence.

The 33 & 1/3 12” has been cut to a heavyweight 180-gram vinyl LP, featuring artwork replicated from the ultra-rare 12″ DEKADANCE ‘promo gifted to Australian Radio stations in 1984.

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  1. Original Sin 6:20
  2. I Send A Message 5:01
  3. Burn For You 6:05
  4. Dancing On A Jetty 4:08


  1. Melting In The Sun 4:44
  2. Love Is (What I Say) 3:41
  3. Jackson 3:19

Dekadance by INXS to be released on Petrol Records/ UMG on 6 September, 2019.

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