Static-X, Wednesday 13, Dope @ The Gov, Adelaide 26/8/2019

It’s an unfortunate hazard of the rock n roll lifestyle that we often lose our members early. From Morrison and Hendrix to Dimebag and Chester, rock music is littered with the casualties of this world.

Many bands get back working again with new members, others just stop. Static- X though are attempting something different. Not a hologram, not backing tracks, a real life embodiment of the legacy Wayne Static left behind instead.

It’s a novel concept and one, that on the surface, that could be viewed with scepticism. However tonight, Static – X bring a show to Adelaide to honour the great frontman, bringing with them horror ghoul Wednesday 13 and Dope.

Dope themselves arrive on stage forty mins late, as the queue that had started ninety mins before doors had worked it’s way around the block. The Americans made sure those who were not already inside the venue missed out on the bands energetic fist pumping, head bobbing metal.

Tracks like 6, 6, Sick sound ferocious and powerful as the band tear through their quick fire set, finishing with their famous version of You Spin Me Around.

Wednesday 13 is exactly what theatrical rock is all about. With an elaborate and dramatic entrance, dressed in a cloak with hook like a evil seafarer, Wednesday 13 open with Hail Ming and Get Your Grave On delighting the audience.

Wednesday 13 is painted head to toe like a cross between an Amazonian jungle warrior and the reviled character in Insidious. The music is infectious and utterly enjoyable metal. 13’s costume changes range from demon to an ode towards Edward Mordrake’s two faced affliction on Prey For Me. Visually stunning, musically exceptional.

Static -X are not a tribute band, nor are they a cabaret act. They are a full blooded, raging metal outfit. Opening with a rapid fire one, two, three of Bled For Days, Wisconsin Death Trip and Sweat Of The Bud, the band bounce around the stage with the energy of a band twenty years younger.

While we have absolutely no idea at all, not even the slightest clue, in any shape or form who is the dope vocalist behind the Texas chainsaw massacre style mask singing Wayne Static’s lyrics, it doesn’t detract from the power of the music and the performance.

They tear through the album in a flash and the sweat soaked masses love every minute of it. The roof is lifted of it hinges for Black And White before the final raucous and mental Push It puts a full stop of the night’s proceedings.

While it may be easy to dismiss this tour as a cash grab, those in the know understand that a large portion of the takings goes to Wayne’s mother. That’s what metal is about. Family. We support each other and we look after our own. Wayne Static was one of our own and this show is the perfect way to honour him.

Live Review By Iain McCallum