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The remaining members of evil disco metal heavyweights STATIC-X intend on honouring the legacy of their classic breakout album, Wisconsin Death Trip, by reuniting the original line-up and performing music from the album. Joining STATIC-X will be the prince of horror punk WEDNESDAY 13 and industrial-esque, hard rocking veterans DOPE thanks to Metropolis Touring.

Bassist Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay and guitarist Koichi Fukuda will also use the Wisconsin Death Trip Tour as a way to honour late front man Wayne Static. Tony Campos talks to Hi Fi Way about the tour and the prospect of new music on the horizon.

Is there a renewed sense of energy and purpose for Static X with this world tour you are on?
Yeah, for sure! It is overwhelming with all the support we have received for this world tour. It is really exciting to be getting back on the road again for these shows and very happy to be bringing this to Australia.

Musically speaking is this the happiest you have been for quite some time in Static X?
Absolutely, just to get in the same room again with Ken and Koichi has been really cool but also bittersweet moment for sure because we are missing a pretty important guy. Nonetheless it is pretty cool for us to be in the same room again and share some good vibes, remember the good days and the remember the guy the way he was. It has been really cool, man!

Do you get nostalgic reflecting on the Wisconsin Death Trip album? Does it take you back to the good times for this band?
It does, absolutely! We have been rehearsing for a little over three weeks and after we’re done jamming we sit around, while we’re trying to stop from sweating, we inevitably start talking about the good ‘ole days. It has been very emotional for sure.

Do you get a bit emotional playing some of these songs now?
They are fun, energetic songs to play and they take, particularly the songs off the first record, you right back to a more innocent time I would say where everything was new and exciting, a more magical time I dare say. It has been a lot of fun.

What moments stick out most for you from that time when that album did come out?
Just getting to tour for the first time, being on tour with Fear Factory, System Of A Down and then that summer to be able to do OzFest. There’s a lot of really cool moments. I remember touring in a bus for the first time and then a month later to have that bus repossessed. Lots of cool and bizarre moments.

Can you believe over this whole period of time how much the music industry has changed?
It is crazy, it’s a whole new ball game now. I think we got really lucky we came out and did what we did right on the tail end of the business changing and really taking a nose dive.

Does it make it hard to contemplate whether it is worth while doing new music or not?
The game has changed and you have to adapt, learn to play the game better and learn the rules.

Is new music on the horizon? Do you see that as part of the healing process in honouring Wayne?
Definitely, being able to use Wayne’s last words and take them from raw demos to finished songs has been a really good process. The way we found this stuff was very similar to how Wayne would bring in ideas that he would come in to the jam room with. He’d start with a guitar riff or two or an idea on the drum machine and we would jam all that stuff out. That’s how all the songs on Wisconsin Death Trip got developed. Finding these raw demos in that bare bone state was like working with Wayne again. It was really cool to be able to get to go back to a writing process.

How are these new songs working out? Will you play any on tour in Australia?
It is sounding killer, we are still in the process of trying to finish all the tracking so we can start handing stuff off to our original producer Ulrich Wild who is going to mix the record for us. Hopefully we will have all that done before we leave to go on tour. By the time we get back it should be ready for the mastering process, we’re working hard man!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Static X with Wednesday 13 and Dope on the following dates, tickets through Metropolis Touring

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