Mannequin Death Squad September Tour

Melbourne punk rock duo Mannequin Death Squad venture out of the studio and on to the stages of pubs and dive bars around Australia for the San Fran 2019 Tour this September.

The intense drum and guitar team of Dan and Elly have been active recently, releasing three singles Honey Punch, Blue and San Fran and receiving airplay across triple j, community radio and public television and spreading the word across numerous music blogs and on-line fanzines, building on an audience gathered around the country.

In the live environment MDS give 110% with Dan and El swapping between drums and lead vocals/guitar creating an unholy racket that seems almost impossible for a two piece.

“It’s going to be amazing to get out and play for the new supporters that have connected to what we do over the last year”, said Elly. “We haven’t done a tour since we went to the UK prior to recording the new songs so it’s exciting to play all the songs – old and new live in some great rooms across the country.”

“We have had some great shows recently with the likes of Captives and Elephant Hive” added Dan. “But it’s great to have a run of our own lined up.”