Boom Crash Opera “These Here Are Crazy Times” 30th Anniversary Tour

In 2019, is proving to be a big year for Boom Crash Opera. Not only a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of These Here Are Crazy Times album (1989), Boom Crash Opera are welcoming founding member and original lead singer Dale Ryder back onto the microphone just in time to celebrate this milestone in the bands history.

Proudly presented by MMM nationally, the newly reunited Boom Crash Opera will be joined by Machinations for a select series of eight select pub shows around Australia…

It’s been three decades since some of Australia’s finest pop/rock tunes were all bundled into one album that just kept delivering single after single… five huge radio hits between June 1989 and June 1990 Onion Skin, The Best Thing, Get Out Of The House, Talk About It, and Dancing In The Storm.

These songs all formed part of a vibrant moment in Radio starting the late 1980’s, when Aussie music dominated, and Boom Crash Opera was the pioneer of cultivating powerfully catchy and infectious tunes. Headed up by Dale Ryder from the bands inception for thirty odd years his signature vocals and those songs became and still remain permanent fixtures on Australian radio along with many other well loved tunes including… Great Wall, Hands Up In The Air, Her Charity and Love Me To Death just to name a few more of BCO’s huge catalogue of hits.

Machinations were one of THE post punk bands of the 1980s. Danceable and cerebral, with helium driven guitars and a booming funk bass, laden with swirling synthesisers, they had something for everyone. With songs like Precious Way, No Say In It, You Got Me Going Again, My Hearts on Fire and Do to You, all of which were charting hits, this musical match with buddies Boom Crash Opera will have live music lovers dancing up a storm on the These Hear Are Crazy Times 30th Anniversary tour.

More info at the Boom Crash Opera Facebook Page

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