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Fresh off their tour with Amy Shark, Slowly Slowly are continuing to make an impact on audiences all over Australia. They’ve released a new single Jellyfish along with the video and are now ready to headline a tour of their own. With some shows already sold out these tickets are selling fast fast.

Lead singer Ben Stewart took some time out to answer a few questions for Hi-Fi Way.

You’ve just finished touring with Amy Shark. How was that experience?It was a really fun time & we felt so lucky to be a part of it. Amy’s show is incredible so being able to witness that each night was a real treat. Her fans were so welcoming to us so we made a lot of new friends.

Slowly Slowly have been supporting some big name artists of late. Are you looking forward to headlining your own tour?
We are SO excited to get into some headline shows. It has obviously been amazing playing the last string of support shows, but there is nothing quite like playing to your own audience.

You’ve Sold Out a few of the dates for your Jellyfish Tour how does that feel?
Yeah nuts. Still can’t believe we have so much love from around the country. We forget & then announce a tour and get blown away time & time again.

It seems you enjoy performing live as your shows have a lot of energy and the comradery between band members is obvious. How do you all prepare for such a high energy show? Do you enjoy performing live?
The energy in the band room is pretty palpable from all of us except Alex our bassist who remains pretty calm throughout each pre show ritual. Pat & myself drink a little espresso before we go on. I usually jump up and down a lot so I’m walking on stage already warm. I used to suffer from a lot of performance anxiety, but I think lately it has been getting better and I feel more like myself on stage after every show.

What can fans expect when they come to your live show?
A lot of hair.

Tell us a bit about how the band was formed? How long have you been playing together?
Formed a few years ago after myself and Alex decided to take our recording project to the stage. A few line up changes later & now we are little family.

How did you come up with the name Slowly Slowly? Is there a meaning behind it?
I rush a lot & my Grandfather used to always say to me in italian ‘Piano piano’ which means slowly slowly. I like the sentiment because it’s something I need to constantly remind myself of.

Jellyfish is your latest single. What is the song about and how did it come about?
It happened really quickly & you can hear the voice memo from the night I wrote the song on a limited edition 7” that was available with presale tix for the upcoming shows. The song is about that feeling you get when you look at the world & see everything as ridiculous and then how that fits into the perspective of being in love. Pretty much how we contextualise love when in a nihilist mindset. I wanted it to be uplifting, but also play on a ‘everything means nothing’ outlook.

The video clip was filmed in a bowling alley. Tell us a bit about the concept of the video and what was behind the idea to film it there?
We just wanted something at first glance was lighthearted and fun, but eventually hit home with sentimentality. The intended feeling I wanted people to get from the clip was that no one else’s opinion of you matters if you got someone on your team.

All the band members have what looks like cameo parts in the clip. Was that a conscience decision rather than be the lead characters in the video?
Yeah we wanted to include ourselves, but no one wanted to put their hand up to be the main character haha. Hamish & Eileen were perfect for the roles and I loved their performances a lot. Considering they met the morning of the clip and were sharing a toothbrush 10 minutes later, I am very impressed with their on screen chemistry.

What’s the future looking like for Slowly Slowly? Can we expect an album?
Depends if you can keep a secret?

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets available now from Slowly Slowly

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