Southern River Band

Hot off the back of a coast-to-coast tour that was expanded from 7 to 9 weeks due to demand, and exemplified by two sold out shows at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club and Cherry Bar, Southern River Band have been connecting one-on-one with Australian music fans drawn to the guitar wielding, make your face hurt from smiling, non-stop party that is Australia’s new favourite frontman, Cal Kramer who answers some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Produced by Dan Carroll and recorded at RADA Studios in West Perth, Chimney is a relentless white-hot boogie that doesn’t let up, a touchstone for the style of take no prisoners, high-octane, rock ‘n’ roll that The Southern River Band have steadily developed a word of mouth reputation for. With huge riffs, breakneck licks and shake your hips grooves that make you feel thirsty just listening, Chimney is sure to bring the fire and continue SRB’s rapid rise into the national consciousness.

Is there a feeling of satisfaction and relief knowing the new album is done?
G’day internet! Cal here, reporting for duty. I imagine when it is complete there will be a feeling that somewhat resembles relief, yes. For now though, its more just hope, fear, and arousal, depending on the song.

For those who don’t Southern River Band how would you describe the band’s sound?
Somewhere between Dean Martin and Iron Maiden.

What’s the story behind Chimney?
Once upon a time, there was a man who shall not be named, And even though innocent, he still got the blame, I worked with him on site, in the early morning light And now he’s slowly rising to fame.

How was the process of making the record?
Ongoing, strenuous, both ego enhancing and depleting, costly, and hopefully, worth it.

How did the band get together?
A few years ago a man named Bear complete with B-E-A-R in stainless steel rings across his fingers saw us drinking at the Thornlie Tavern and suggested we start a band. The rest as they say, I don’t remember.

What inspired the name?
When i was a young boy, said put away those young boy ways. Anyway, i grew up playing, frolicking, if you will, in The Southern River. Come to think of it, now that i’m older, so much older, I long for those young boy days.

Who would say are the biggest influences on Southern River Band?
I suppose anybody that could talk at a third grade level would say ‘are the biggest influences on Southern River Band’.

Are there bigger tour plans for later this year?
Dolphinately bigger than some, smaller than others, and dare I say exactly the same as many.

What’s next for Southern River Band?
We’re diving head first into the world of cinema, and you better we believe we can swim!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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