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It’s been nearly two years since Sisters Doll have been on their own national headline tour. After releasing their brand new single Black Mirror which reached number 1 on the iTunes Rock charts, it was only natural for the boys to get back out on the road. Sisters Doll will be hitting all states of Australia and will be bringing their theatrical rock show to every date on the tour including Adelaide at Jive this Saturday night. Bryce Mileto (LIPZ) drops by to talk all things Sisters Doll.

It must be a huge buzz heading out on your own headline tour?
It is a huge buzz… We have done many of these before over the years, on our Welcome To The Dollhouse & All Dolled Up Tours, but this time it’s different. The Black Mirror Tour is a ticketed event, where our fans can pre-order tickets to see our Full-Theatrical-Explosive-Rock ’N’ Roll Show. Whether there’s 10-100 people in the crowd, the cool thing is knowing that these people have paid money to come watch our show and are purely there to see and support us, it’s the best feeling. To see our DOLL ARMY out in full-force all over the country, even in some places we haven’t played before, singing along and knowing every word to our songs is the best feeling in the world.

Are you doing anything different with the production on this tour?
We are going completely ALL OUT on this Tour, which is why I think it is so special to us and our fans. For whenever we land a support tour slot, we can never bring our FULL SHOW. It’s either just our backdrop and whatever else we can squeeze on stage in the 10 minutes or less change over time before we go on. With our own Tour, we have all the freedom in the world to do what we want to do and that’s going out with all guns blazing and not do anything half arsed.

If there were only ten people in the crowd, we’d still setup our full rock show, with all the pyro’s we can fit into a club for those ten people and hope for next time, the word will spread. On this Tour you will see a two hour Sisters Doll Show equip with Pyros, L-E-D’s, Light Up Drum Kit, Lazers, Smoke and Screens synchronised to our playing and our back catalogue of melodic, original rock tunes, including our number one single to go with it! Obviously sometimes when cost is involved it makes it harder for us to fly around all our gear to different states, but we will always find a way to make our stage look as impactful as the rest.

What can fans expect to hear on this tour?
The fans can expect to hear a full two hour Sisters Doll Rock Show, performing all of our hits from Welcome To The Dollhouse & All Dolled Up and we always save the best for last, our number one Rock Charting Single Black Mirror! We sometimes like to throw in a cover or two for fun that the crowd love also. In the middle of the show, we do a segment we call The Campfire Segment where Bryce comes from behind the drums, the boys grab the acoustics and we all sit down and play to our audience a few songs intimately. Throughout our show you will hear Austin do a Bass Solo and Guitar solo on his guitar, a jam session ending with Brennan’s light up pyro sword and Bryce does an intense LÄZER Drum Solo, which turns the Rock Show into a DJ CLUB, as he performs to some new school Dubstep beats.

Do you have any wild tour stories from playing in Adelaide?
We have a lot of amazing and fun stories from playing in Adelaide, some of which cannot be explained on this write up haha. You guys always welcome us with a huge energetic crowd and we love playing down there! Some of our greatest memories would be performing and playing alongside former KISS Guitarist – Bruce Kulick on two occasions in Adelaide also with Four By Fate, playing alongside and performing with original Crash Diet members and headlining LOUD FEST 2 with our full-big rock show. Busking in the Rundle Street Mall was fun also.

Did you enjoy the John Corabi tour?
The John Corabi Tour was awesome fun. We looked up to him a lot during his time as front man in Mötley Crüe and performances with Bruce Kulick. To then land the main support slot for four shows around the country alongside him was unreal. Hearing him tell some awesome stories from his career and perform was unreal and playing to a full house every night and winning over some Crüe-heads as new DOLL ARMY fans was definitely a highlight for us.

What do you learn from touring with legends such as Corabi?
Anything is possible. It is a long road ahead to be successful, not to listen to the critics, to stick to your guns and believe in yourself. That’s what it all stems down to after being honoured enough to play alongside and Tour with legends, who we now call our friends such as: Peter Criss (KISS) , Bruce Kulick (KISS) , Four By Fate: Tod Howarth (Frehley’s Comet) , Rob Affusso (Skid Row) , John Regan (Frehley’s Comet) , Pat Gasperini.

What is the story to your new single Black Mirror?
Black Mirror is our representation on today’s society of technology and the shallow vanity that is social media.

Are you stoked the single hit #1 on the iTunes rock chart?
No better feeling in the world. To DEFEAT Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody, Metallica – Enter Sandman and every other song that was on the charts at the time, is a dream come true. The song now holds validation and it is now a fact that Black Mirror defeated all odds and went straight to number one and held the spot for over twenty four hours. No matter what anyone says, if they don’t dig the song? Whatever stigma the critics have towards our creation, this was the outcome, being successful. We have no record deal, no label, nothing. Just us three brothers in a studio making music we love and praying the world will to. We put it out there and this was the result, the fans have spoken. It just proves that if you believe in yourself and you want it bad enough, dreams will come true and your dedicated fans will help get you there.

Are Sisters Doll building towards an album?
Black Mirror is definitely the start of a new direction for the band. There will be a third album in the works soon, we have a back catalogue of all new songs that could fill our next two records. Just waiting for the right time. We recorded two extra songs when recording Black Mirror and they will be released in time. At the moment we are enjoying the ride of our new hit single and touring this beast!

Do you think the Sisters Doll sound has changed much?
I wouldn’t say we have changed, however I would say the sound of the band has definitely progressed. It has been a natural progression, to produce Black Mirror with a heavier touch, but still keeping the big harmonies/Sisters Doll flare in the mix. I believe this natural progression will be the future of Sisters Doll.

Beyond this tour what’s next for Sisters Doll?
Beyond The Black Mirror Tour we have big plans for Sisters Doll. After conquering Australia, we plan to branch overseas. Whether it will be Touring the UK where there is a spark of interest for the band, or the US. That decision will be made in time, but is definitely our goal for 2020 and there is already plans in the works to make this happen. There will be follow up singles being released to Black Mirror and an SD3 album on the way. Next year is also our 10 year anniversary as a band, so we are in the mix of planning a big show in Australia for next year before we take off.


Interview By Rob Lyon

Sisters Doll play at Jive on Saturday night with Fyre Byrd, Trash City and David Taylor. Tickets from Mosh-Tix

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