The Proclaimers @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 28/05/2019

They may have casually strolled on stage to take their places but once The Proclaimers came on the cheering was enough to know that this crowd were going to get “laldy.” The Scots were in the house!

Getting straight to it by starting off the night with the title song off their latest album Angry Cyclist then continuing with Forever Young which had the crowd hand clapping with sheer Scottish delight.

Over and Done With the story of losing your virginity got a roaring cheer but not as loud for their first British hit Letter from America. This song took the vibe in the Thebarton Theatre a few notches higher. There were flags and scarves of the Scottish colours being waved and draped around waists and necks. Scottish pride was on high and it didn’t stop until the last song!

Should Have Been Loved kept the crowd swinging and swaying in their seats until the slow paced The Hours Between showed us The Proclaimers more tender side. Lets Get Married was a lovely song dedication to Dunky and Melissa (who ever they were) receiving a loud cheer and for the first time some of the crowd got up to dance in the aisles.

Tuesday Afternoon from 2015’s Lets Hear It for the Dogs album was a more slow and soulful tune before Spinning in the Air had everyone swinging and swaying again. You could just imagine being in a pub with a beer in your hand with this song. Sean from the Sunshine on Leith album had the crowd hand clapping with gusto. You could see that people wanted to get up and dance. One lone warrior lady got up and danced her heart away. Nothing was going to stop her from having a “Barry” of a time!

It was song after song after song. The Proclaimers didn’t stop except intermittently to tell us about a song like the Battle of the Booze being about the power of Vodka. What Makes You Cry, You Make Me Happy and the catchy Hate My Love gave the crowd more to swing and sway before guitar playing Proclaimer twin, Charlie Reid Said “I’ve only realised how many songs I’ve played in G.”

After the song The Light the mood went to emotional and melancholic when they heard the first cords to Sunshine on Leith. The crowd sang with heart and it was obvious this song meant a lot to most in the crowd. Hands in the air, phones filming and the Scottish flags and scarves made another appearance being held up high above their heads. The cheers and roars gave you tingles. The whistling, clapping and cheering provided a standing ovation and it wasn’t even near the last song of the night.

Another dedication this time for Mandy, Brenda and Carol for the song Rainbows and Happy Regrets before the majority of the crowd finally got up out of their seats to dance and cheer to I’m On My Way. Then they sat back down for the song I Met You except for that lone warrior woman who stood proud to continue her dancing and swaying.

Then it was time for the smash hit I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). This is where not one person was sitting in their seat. Everyone in the venue were up dancing and singing along to every word. If the cheering and singing was loud before it didn’t compare to the shouts of Da da da (da da da). In the last few nights of concerts by various artists (which I was lucky enough to attend all three) Thebarton Theatre has had to endure the loudest of roars from the crowd and I’m surprised the roof is still intact. This song surely had the loudest and most ferocious of singing during the chorus. Its that big of a song. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it.

The Proclaimers then left the stage to thunderous applause, cheering and stomping. The whistling was loud and once again the flags and scarves were flying high. They did come back on for an encore and this time people stayed on their feet. Three more songs Cap In Hand, Make My Heart Fly and The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues were played and as they left the stage there was one last loud roar of approval.

Live Review By Anastasia Lambis

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