Cosmo’s Midnight, Banoffee & Arno Faraji @ HQ Complex, Adelaide 10/5/2019

Hailing from Sydney’s Inner West and releasing an eclectic mix of electronic, pop and RnB tunes since 2013, Cosmo’s Midnight aka Cosmo and Patrick Liney, graced the stage while on their national tour at HQ Complex on Friday May 10 in Adelaide. Having completed their engaging sets at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in February Australia this year, Cosmo’s Midnight have had plenty of experience entertaining and connecting with versatile and chaotic crowds of all ages.

The night began with the first support act, Arno Faraji, a fresh and young charismatic rapper and producer from Perth, exploring a variety of electronic, indie, pop and memorable hip hop tunes. He made the most of the growing crowd as they filtered in through HQ’s doors, urged anticipating concert goers to “Make some noise!” and repeatedly call out “Cosmos!” Faraji reached pockets of the audience, getting them to cheer and dance for him and upcoming acts of the night, Cosmo’s Midnight and Banoffee.

Banoffee aka Martha Brown, coolly walked onto the stage as the final support act of the night in her fluro green parachute pants swaying with the crowd to her unique electro/pop sounds. The Melbourne born artist sparked audience enthusiasm with her latest song, Bubble, including everyone in her own electric bubble with her hauntingly beautiful high notes and jarring dance moves. Although softly spoken Banoffee enchanted fans with gentle and sombre tunes about break ups like Muscle Memory, she lured them into bopping and dancing with her until her final seconds on stage. I’m Not Sorry echoed throughout HQ as everyone moved amongst green lasers, smoke and electronic loops. Banoffee faded backstage with a simple wave, leaving the crowd in awe and gratitude.

Adelaide’s stormy night outside, didn’t dampen the mood of fresh-faced fans inside HQ’s doors. As they anticipated the Liney twin’s arrival, the audience became increasingly rowdy and delighted, chanting “Cosmos!”, until finally, Cosmo’s Midnight glided onto the stage. Bursting straight into their first hit song with the hip hop influenced C.U.D.I can u dig it, they hyped up the crowd. As I looked around, a euphoric sea of smiles were unleashed, particularly when Asta was introduced to “come and sing our Triple J’s Like a Version of Moloko’s Sing it Back” with the boys.

Up next, the twins played their RnB inspired tune Lowkey feat. Buddy and Jay Prince. Immediately, the dance floor was everything but low key, as fans began climbing each other’s shoulders heading towards the stage throwing their hands up in unison to the rhythmic drum beats and catchy lyrics.

The screen behind this iconic duo, exploded with mystical projections of pastel coloured flora, night skies and hybrid cat-cartoons, depicting cosmic and child-like reflections of a starry night, evidently displaying their album inspiration. With eyes closed, people hypnotically swayed to the pillowy and kaleidoscopic sounds of Dreamer and Polarised, promoting songs from the 2018 debut album What Comes Next. The boys smiled as they induced a universal nostalgic feeling of 1960’s sounds through funky bass beats and chimes. Polarised hot and smoky synth bursts felt like a free-flowing soundtrack to your childhood.

Halfway through their set, the duo moved into creating the electro funk and pop vibe of the night, where Asta danced out singing her melodies to Walk With Me. The infectious lyrics “I just got a text from you, boy. Told me that you’re waiting outside. Don’t think you’re around for goodbye. It felt like I went back in time” were emotively sung out loud. The twins shoulder shimmied next to Asta supporting her with their talents on the chimes, keys and bass.

Next up, the boys introduced another track off their electro funk What Comes Next album; “This one’s called Montego.” This multi-layered and loop-based song created a sonically on point and cohesive magic amongst the crowd as they floated on heart-throbbing and repetitive shadows of RnB drum beats and flute-like sounds. Crazed fans then raised copies of The Bible that they brought along with them, as a sort of cosmic offering to their Gods, Cosmo’s Midnight. 

The constantly re-inventive duo finished the night’s set inviting Asta on stage for the final time. She graced us with her 1960’s style and vibe, singing velvety smooth vocals to History, including the addictive lyrics “’Cause we got too much history, with you lying next to me”, which fans continuously sung as they walked out HQ’s doors. Cosmo’s Midnight will end their parade of magic music and engaging vocal melodies, invoking their last dance party in Sydney on May 15th at the Enmore Theatre.

Live Review by Zara Zampaglione

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