Finnish folk metal royalty Korpiklaani will return to Australia and New Zealand for the first time in six years and embark on a trek across the whole country in support of their 2018 opus Kulkija. Korpiklaani’s sound can only be described by the sheer bombastic, party-filled, alcohol-soaked vibes that resonate in every tune, and there’s no band in the world who does it better!

Folk metal fans across the nations will be in awe and the sheer musicality and energy of these tireless Finns, as they belt out anthems of Shamanism and Partying. Along for the ride are New South Wales fusion-metal legends Troldhaugen, whose avant-garde approach to the base construct of folk metal is one that needs to be seen to be truly understood and appreciated.
Kalle “Cane” Savijärvi answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles whilst on tour.

Six years feels like a long time but how much are you looking forward to returning to Australia?
Very much! We’ve been remembering the last visit so many times. Really had fun there!

Is it even better touring with a new album?
Yes, it’s always nice when you have new material to introduce to people.

Have you been pleased with how it has been received by fans?
Pleased indeed! We think that this is our best album and seems like our fans think that way too.

Sonically, how would you describe this album compared to the last couple?
This album sounds more natural and organic. We didn’t want to use samples in drums for example. You can hear every instrument better and vocals are more in the front. A bit more old-school, I would say.

Did you have an idea how you wanted it to sound before you recorded it?
Yes, it was clear from the beginning how we wanted the album sound like.

Do you still find that the grind of working in the studio hard work?
Still? I don’t know if we have ever found that hard work.

Was it an easy process or was there the usual sorts of problems?
This time the process was easier than before. We had a new producer and his ways of working was quite different.

Is it hard not to repeat the ground that you have already covered on the previous twelve albums?
No, it’s not. When you have enough inspiration and new ideas, you don’t even think what you have done earlier.

How do you fit thirteen albums worth of material in to the set list now?
Usually we concentrate on the newest album and then try to fit in song or two from all the other albums.

What do you look forward to most when you tour Australia?
Crazy audiences and top shows!

Beyond the Australian tour what’s next for the band?
Summer festivals in Europe and then we heading back to North America for a tour in September. Songwriting for the new album in between the shows of course.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Korpiklaani on the following tour dates…

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