West Thebarton On Tour…

West Thebarton have today delivered their brand new single Tops, alongside a new video, limited edition 7″ pre-orders and some tasty tour dates with A Swayze and The Ghosts.

Reading, Leeds, Pukkelpop, national Living End tour, triple j’s Like A Version, ARIAs, India, Falls, Big Pineapple….. Yeah, West Thebarton are feelin’ pretty wrecked right now. It’s unsurprising then that their brand new single Tops is a plea for respite centring on that very phrase.

Tops details a malignant mental exhaustion, too. As the good Reverend Ray explains, “This song is about those times in your life when you know you should feel so fucking good about yourself, but all you can focus on is negative.” Been there, done that, Rev

Tops is a real rock anthem. And yes, people use the term ‘anthem’ liberally. But West Theb sure know how to pen a slow building ditty that rips into an explosive singalong.

You can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be some shouty moments on the Tops tour, too. They might even throw in a rendition of their Florence and the Machine You’ve Got The Love cover.

Tasmania’s incredible A Swayze & The Ghosts will join them on the seven-date jaunt. Dunno how they all fit in the van but you best believe that after this long on the road, the band is real good at tetris.

And in case you’re worried about The Rev, ravished by self-doubt in the face of West Theb’s many successes? “One particularly dark day, I gave my partner a call” he explains, “and she just paused and said, “fuck it, live in the sunshine”. Preach.

Tickets on sale now from