Heist Fest @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 11/4/2019

Superheist have the room literally bouncing. Vocalist Ezekiel Ox has walked and performed in every corner of the packed out venue. Now he stands atop a table he’s dragged out into the centre of the room and implores everyone to Crank The System. The set has the sound and feel of a triumphant headlining set.

This is Heist-Fest in all its glory. A touring multi band extravaganza of metal devised by Superheist in which they’re not even the headliners, that spot belongs to 36 Crazyfists, who are still to perform. Which after what has gone before is no mean feat.

The first act tonight was Melbourne’s Blklst, armed with new EP Hard To Swallow. This band’s style is all about the beat and bass. Realising metal heads like to head bang, drummer Drue Herring and bassist James McClug force your head to bang with heavy riffs and beats. Joshua Westwick on vocals channels his inner Chino Moreno with a vocal style that goes from distressed wail to powerful declaration of intent. With these guys you’re not waiting for the breakdown, every song is a breakdown.

From Crisis To Collapse are not here to make up numbers, a funnelled channel of aggression blasts off the small stage as vocalist Angus Carter drags audience members into his space to help with the vocals. The nights first mosh pit develops as the BPM increases. The band’s sound tightly woven to the point of snapping that the more extreme of the metal heads consume gleefully.

Starting with Hands Up High, Superheist are a supernova of energy in the dark venue. The catchy melodies can be heard, the guitars heavy and the rhythm section, so important in the bands live show, have the power of a Boeing 747 taking off.

It’s the interaction from Ezekiel Ox and the audience which is truly memorable. Ox climbs the walls, literally, making sure every member of the crowd is up close and personal. As far as he is concerned the room is the stage and everyone is in the band.

The set list ranges throughout the bands career, tracks such as Bullet sit nicely with The Riot as Ox continues his tour of the room. For the start of Bounce, Ox has climbed on top of the bar and crowd surfs back to the stage.

Like a kid with ADD though he’s off again and climbing tables for the rest of the set that should be sponsored by Red Bull, such is fervent vibe of the set.

It’s been some time since Brock Lindow and 36 Crazyfists were last in town and the make up for lost time with a set that explodes from the grid and doesn’t let up until the last note. Death Eater opens and is followed by At The End Of August and Wars To Walk Away From.

The crowd resembles the ocean as wave after wave of headbangers fall onto the stage, crowd surf and stage dive. Lindow and his music push back like Moses parting the Red Sea yet still the waves of metal heads keep coming.

Guitarist Steve Holt is a tornado throughout , accidentally kicking over his mic and amplifier. We Gave It Hell sounds brutally appropriate and Sleepsick has everyone punching the air before a touch of Metallica’s Orion.

The horns are up for Time And Trauma as the band move onto the final stretch. The crowd barely held back as people fall over the monitors before Lindow and the boys depart into the triumphant sunset.

This has been the first round of Heist- Fest and based on tonight’s show, we’re going to need a bigger, much bigger, table for the tour next year.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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