Pop Evil, Bad Moon Born, Audio Reign @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 4/4/2019

Silverback Touring have continued their awesome form putting together another rock bill featuring Pop Evil who are band on the rise. In the US, Pop Evil are all over the rock charts with a war chest full of hits. Looking to expand their horizons they head down under for their first Australian tour starting in Adelaide. Adelaide where were you? Surprisingly, the numbers were light on which is disappointing given how good Pop Evil, Bad Moon Born and Audio Reign were. There’s no doubt in my mind that once commercial radio catches on there will be more noise made about Pop Evil.

The sound mix wasn’t quite there on Boss’s Daughter and front man Leigh Kakaty responded “it’s official, that’s our first fucking song in Australia, let’s get rowdy”. Colors Bleed from their self-titled was next which was followed by rock ‘n roll ball tearer Ex Machina keeping the theme of new tunes going. Deal With The Devil which morphed in to Bodies was great and there was no messing about rocking straight in to Torn To Pieces. The cover Eye Of The Tiger which followed Last Man Standing was a bit of a surprise.

Kakaty has plenty of rock swagger telling the crowd that it’s the first time playing in the morning stating he was still quite jet lagged and should be eating eggs and bacon but instead having Vegemite with you lot! Having said that he had woken out it was another rocker in A Crime To Remember that followed. The last part of the set the band pulled out all stops playing some of their massive chart singles in Ways To Get High, Be Legendary, Footsteps (how good was this one! Hot damn!) closing out the set with Take It All.

The band acknowledged that their first experience in Australia was an awesome one with Kakaty jokingly saying that he couldn’t believe he got through a set at breakfast. It was good to hear the band sound so humbling saying they want to build things from the ground up so they can keep coming back to Australia. The encore featured more gold with Waking Lions and Trenches. Arguably having five albums under the belt it would have been great to see them play longer but there’s no disputing how good they were and let’s hope there’s a return back to Adelaide at some time in the future.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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