John Corabi @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 31/3/2019

It was a die hard, loyal John Corabi fan base that assembled at Enigma Bar on a Sunday night as he played the infamous album Motley ’94 in its entirety from start to end. I take my hat off to Corabi and band for the lengthy travel to get to Adelaide and yet still put in a killer performance. There was no evidence of jet lag as they rocked Adelaide for the next two hours.

This tour seemed to neatly coincide with the release of the Motley Crue documentary The Dirt. This show was a great insight to the rock ‘n roll excesses of this infamous band and the last time that this classic rock album would be played in full and that actually happened in Adelaide. Opening with Power To The Music with Corabi asking the crowd whether they were “ready to sing this shit with me?” The crowd were amped and why wouldn’t you be after hearing Uncle Jack and Holigan’s Holiday.

Corabi said he had been waiting twenty-five years to play this music even mentioning that he changed the lyrics to “everyone wants a piece of pizza reaction”, hoping to be picked up by Dominos earning some extra dollars. Corabi stated that he’s a singer who likes to hear his own voice, that there would be stories and disgusting jokes… that there were including the story about meeting Kate Beckinsale. Re-telling it wouldn’t do it justice, you had to of been there.

Misunderstood was another killer single from that album with Corabi saying that he was disappointed to never had the opportunity to tour with Motley Crue. Twenty five years later here you go! The crowd knew the songs with Loveshine and Poison Apples going down well. The back story behind Hammered was awesome in particular that killer riff they wrote that night. ‘Til Death Do Us Part was their fuck you song to people telling you how to run your life.

There were plenty of stories of the excesses of being in Motley Crue including the anthem for those who like to smoke weed in Smoke The Fire. Drop Like Flies as Corabi said is just as relevant now as the state of the world has not changed much. Finishing with the final track off the album Driftaway the band left to return for an encore. Corabi asked the crowd to make more noise suggesting there was more noise at his grandmother’s funeral. There was plenty of gratitude and appreciation from Corabi promising the crowd that he would now be a more regular visitor to our shores in future wrapping things up with 10,000 Miles Away. It was a great night with a moment of rock history happening in Adelaide with the last time Motely ’94 being played.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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