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UK indie royalty The Magic Numbers have returned to Australia for the first time since their 2010 Splendour in the Grass appearance and 2006 Big Day Out tour. The four-piece comprising two pairs of brothers and Sisters (Romeo and Michele Stodart, Sean and Angela Gannon) are known for their unique harmonies, melodic hooks, songwriting craftsmanship and timeless sound. While they were in the country we asked them a few questions about their return tour.

Welcome back to Australia, it feels way to long since the last tour. Are you looking forward to being able to play the new album to Aussie fans?
Very much so! It has been way too long… We’ve got one hell of a show for our Aussie fans, so we’re excited to be back!

What is it about Australia that lured you back?
We’ve always loved Australia, and have had some amazing memories here with our live shows since the first time we played ‘Big Day Out’ all those years ago. So there’s no way we’d forget about you.

Have you been enjoying touring the new album Outsiders?
Yes loads!!! It’s been so much fun playing this album live and watching everyone singing along to the words already. We feel this contagious energy between the four of us up on stage playing again. There’s something quite powerful that transcends through to the crowds, creating such a buzz at our live shows! It’s really something special.

Have the old and new blended well together in the live set?
Good question, well it’s definitely harder now to put a set together as we’ve so many songs we want to play. We’re always changing things up and getting more confident to really let go on stage that the songs from this new album have almost shaped a lot of the older ones in sound, but I’ll say at the end of the day it really comes down to the song and thankfully they all stand up musically and lyrically together.

With a couple of days off between Sydney and Adelaide do you get to check out the sites?
Really hoping to, if the jet lag doesn’t take over too much! Have definitely spent a few hours either staring into space or sleeping with my eyes open.

Anywhere in particular you would like to go?
I think living in London we crave being near a beach (with sand) so would love to do a bit of that whilst we’re here.

Have you been pleased with how the album has been received?
Yeah! Hard to say nowadays with everything on the internet. It has been great touring worldwide with this record… going back to places like Japan and the States and coming to play for you here in Australia. It’s really connected us with our fans again and has opened up some new doors for future possibilities. Ultimately we want as many people to hear our music and believe in our band as much as we do.

I really like the emotion of the last track on the album Sing Me A Rebel Song, what is the background to how that song came about?
People are really connecting with this song which I’m really happy about, I think it’s because of its’ sense of yearning within it. Music can embody this beautiful escapism where if you lose yourself within it, it can carry a truth. The song is really about one searching for truth, seeking a purpose, something pure to believe in.

The majority of the time you have to rebel against your own demons holding you back from getting to the route of how you feel and why you feel these things.

Has there been much thought about what you might do next?
Yes, we’ve just recorded a cover of Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s a song that’s really resonated with us, it carries a powerful message, a mantra for life. We’re working on new material as well which is exciting, lots of different avenues to pursue. Michele has also begun work on a new solo album.

Beyond Australia what’s next for The Magic Numbers?
As far as touring goes after Australia we’re off on tour around Belgium & Holland, going to tour across Europe during the year, a few dates in Ireland then a bunch of festivals to see us through the summer. There’s plans to do some one off special shows around the UK … but really we’re just going to keep creating, recording. We’ve got outside projects we’re working on also: Romeo has been doing lots of producing and writing for a lot of other artists as well. He’s been working with Ren Harvieu on her new album which is set for release this year and it’s a really special record.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Check out the new album Outsiders by The Magic Numbers. More info on Facebook

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