The Paper Kites @ The Palais, Elder Park, Adelaide 8/3/2019

With a backdrop of the pretty lights of the Adelaide Convention Centre performing on a floating “boat” as described by lead singer Sam Bentley of the brilliant Melbourne band The Paper Kites, could you even have a better venue for a intimate concert? The setting is perfectly pretty. Adelaide knows how to throw a Festival!

The Paper Kites started their set with the songs from their new album On The Corner Where You Live, Redlight then on to the beautifully haunting Deep Burn Blue. Getting a bit more upbeat with Revelator Eyes from the 2015 album Twelvefour. Definitely a crowd favourite from the cheers.

Bentley as were the rest of the band, happy to be in Adelaide. He was in awe of the venue declaring “its like a party boat!” I think that would be a perfect description. The atmosphere for concerts such as this is electric. He thanked us for coming out several times saying “Its a fun night.” I think the crowd felt the same.

For the next songs they wanted to do something different. Bentley asked the crowd for total silence and for the lights to be turned off. Singing slower ballads of Too Late, Arms and the song Paint which had a funny story to it. Bentley often sends songs to his brother who is not musical at all and gives his opinion honestly even if the “song is shit” and on this occasion said he loved the song Paint. But when he presented it to his wife she said “you can do better.” So he worked on it some more and played the end result but before starting he told us we could singing along but if we didn’t like it he wasn’t going to change it again! Getting the band to gather round him to sing a long while he also played guitar was a beautiful moment of the show. Having warned us the song was a bit depressing it didn’t matter the crowd still loved it.

After a bit of the sullen and slow ballads it was time for something more upbeat. The loud drum beats where vibrating through the floor of The Palais when they played When It Hurts You. At this point Bentley introduced the band. Unfortunately band member Christina Lacy was absent due to recently having a baby. Congratulations to her and her bub! The just as talented Hannah Cameron was in her place joining the rest of the band Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen and Josh Bentley.

The crowd roared when they heard the song Woodland which was the one that really started it all for the Paper Kites. While the song Bloom was nest prompting Bentley to tell us that two types of people come to their shows; couples and sad singles. There was laughter from the audience when Bentley continued “this song is for both types and if you know the words sing along and if you don’t then don’t sing as you will ruin it!” That was the cue for Bloom one of my favourite songs.

More thunderous drums beats and vibrating of the floors for the song Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain and then a still silence from the crowd for On The Train Ride Home. For the song Electric Indigo the electric guitar was brought out and once again the crowd got excited. Finishing off with song Don’t Keep Driving and a ripping guitar solo the crowd were on a high and could’ve stayed on for more.

It’s great to watch a singer get lost in the songs he sings. The band were also just as focussed. It easy to see why they are huge in the USA. Their indie-folk like sound is soothing, sad, haunting and happy all at the same time. Lets hope Australia catches on to the brilliance of The Paper Kites like they deserve. It was a night of pure musical pleasure.

Adelaide Festival Review By Anastasia Lambis

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