Rufus Du Sol, Cassian, Lastlings @ Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide 20/2/2019

First up tonight the Adelaide crowd was treated to the first of the supports called Lastlings who are the brother/sister duo of Josh and Amy Dowdle who hail from Queensland and first uploaded their first single to Triple J Unearthed in 2015. 

Lastlings played mostly songs from their as yet unreleased 2019 album. On stage, Amy sings and Josh plays keyboards and guitar and they also had a guy on drums pounding out the beat. They have a wonderful layered lector-pop sound with smooth synths and driving warm drums. Amy’s haunting sultry vocals reminded me of Lorde. Sometimes I heard what was influences of New Order and Broods. Regardless of their influences, they sounded fantastic and I look forward to listening to their album when it is released and seeing them again.    

Both Lastlings and the next act on Cassian have both been signed Rufus Du Sol’s “Rose Avenue” record label which is located in Venice, California

Cassian is a DJ from Sydney and is currently working on his debut album as well. He played keyboards and guitar that accompanied his tracks. There was some excellent tracks that really got the crowd moving. His remixes of Gallon by Mr Sanka and Never Get to You by Moon Boots sounded excellent. I thought his song Lafayette which was brilliant techno masterpiece. The biggest crowd reaction was for Just Friends by Hayden James and his final track Same Things. Cassian is playing at RCC Fringe on March 15 which should be huge.   

At 9:20 on the dot Rufus Du Sol make their way on stage to the huge cheers and adulation of the sold out Adelaide crowd.  They have been to Adelaide several times starting off at Rocket Bar and Jive slowly building up their crowds to now play in the 3000 capacity AEC Theatre. The sound was incredible all night for all acts and the venue really needs to be commended for the excellent crisp sounds that were pumping out. The theatre  is perfect for EDM concerts

After an extended intro that slowly built up and transformed into Eyes from their latest album Solace. The crowd was pumping for the next ninety minutes and were singing along to all the songs. The stage set up was a screen at the back and then lit tubes in front with the three members on high platforms with futuristic see-through looking lecterns for their keyboards.  James Hunt was on drums most of the night, Jon George was on keyboards and programming and Tyrone Lindqvist was on vocals, keyboards and guitar. 

Rufus played all but one of their songs from their incredible Solace album and most were highlights for me. The bass drop in Underwater was spine tingling. On the Solace tracks the music combines light house music with a darker more melodic style of EDM.  

The Bloom album was well represented and during Brighter the drums and the wonderful lights emanating from stage synchronised effectively well. The biggest cheer of the night went to the extended Innerbloom from Bloom. They ended the set with the fantastic Another Life and with its Church organ-like sound and the stage bathed in bright white light it felt very nearly like a religious experience.  

After the Australian tour, they are doing a huge US tour with includes top billing at Coachella. The boys came back out to a huge roar from the crowd to do an encore of Lost in my Mind, Not Exactly by deadmau5 and then left us with No Place. Judging by the reaction they received for the last ninety minutes the lyrics “There’s no place I’d rather be” could not have suited more. 

Live Review By Richard De Pizzol

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