Regurgitator’s Pogogo, Groovin” and more…

So… the big news for January is the announcement of the super coop partnership with the ABC for the new kids project REGURGITATOR’S POGOGO SHOW and debut album THE REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BORING ALBUM. Coming your way on March 1.

Oh… and double the super scoop with REGURGITATOR in their 25 year long standard mode also picking up a fully decked suite on hotel GROOVIN’ THE MOO 2019 tour. Full check-in info here:

Plus along the way we have a mixed bag of Regurg and KIDS shows flopping all over the shop… including CITY LIMITS FESTIVAL in Perth, and taking Life Support to New Zealand – all the fun of the details stretch out below.

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Renowned Brisbane funtime outfit Regurgitator have announced their latest project: a sugar-spoked roll of a record cooked up especially for kids! Joining Ben, Quan and Pete on this fun coated slippery dip is none other than the delirious Koko who comes from Planet Rainbow.

Having performed at a number of children’s events in recent years, the inimitable band have developed the kids music project Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show – a typically manic playground that careers between punk, hip-hop, funk, electro-pop and everything in between. The debut release – The Really Really Really Really Boring Album – is about as silly and cheeky as a record can get, whilst still offering a G-rating suitable for the tiny folk.

Featuring instant-ear wriggles such as first single The Box… Pogogo Theme, Pigeon on a Motorcycle, Games on my Computer and more. It’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of long-term fans as well as the young ones in their life. With cover art by Ben… look for an eventual vinyl release.

Quan explains the project’s conception:
“We had such a great time playing at Sydney’s kids festival, ‘Dress Up Attack!’, in late 2013 that we came off stage so inspired there had to be a kid’s album and show off the back of this. Ben and I started doodling around with miniature tape decks in Hong Kong whilst we were working on the Dirty Pop Fantasy Record and jammed on quite a few of the kids ideas that would finally find their way on to this record in some form. A lot of the initial ideas were songs Ben had written for and with his kids who were about 11 or 12 at the time. The first proper kids recording session was at his house in Melbourne when he still lived down here in 2014 or 2015(?)… we took out the Teenage Engineering OP-1 a Bass guitar and a couple of mics and recorded a few tracks like Playing Games on my Computer and Pigeon Riding on a Motorcycle. We had such a laugh doing them we promised ourselves at that moment that we’d eventually get round to recording a full album. And finally we got together late 2018 with Peter and Koko in Richmond, Melbourne and bashed it all out, warts, giggles and all!”

Keep all eyes out for Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show kids concerts throughout 2019 and beyond.

Pre-order The Really Really Really Really Boring Album HERE

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