In 2017, American chart-topping rockers Trapt embarked on their first ever Australian tour, selling out venues across the country. Now they are coming back for seconds and singer Chris Taylor Brown chatted from his home in Cincinnati with me about this tour, the last tour and of the days he used to rap.

Considering the last tour was your bands first visit to Australia, you must have been pleased with the success of the tour?
It was great! You never know what sort of response you’re gonna get. We got a great turnout at all 5 of our shows. The tickets are selling well for this one too, so hopefully we can keep coming back every few years and do shows for our Australian fans, I’m excited by that. We played to packed clubs and just seeing everywhere was great.

You’re back here soon, what can fans expect from a Trapt show. Any acoustic performances?
It’s gonna be a great time with lots of energy. The connection with the crowd that Trapt has, that flow, it’s always an amazing time. There are some acoustics vibes that will definitely be going on in our time in Australia however it’s a rock show. We will try and get back to Australia and do an a full acoustic show no doubt. We’re gonna play a whole lotta stuff from the first album. Definitely the highlights from the other albums and a new song too that we’ve been playing at a few shows recently.

Is this Come Together?
It’s a newer song than that!!!!!

Are you embarrassed by the rapping?
Yeah!!! R.A.T.M. were really popular, the scene we were in, Papa Roach you know, we were all very hip hop influenced. I’m certainly guilty of throwing down some lines! I quickly found out that singing was my strong suit! But you know, I did have some fun with that too!

Were you surprised how quickly your career took off?
Yeah, we had done seven or eight months of pretty hard touring before Headstrong really took off. We made a record, put it out there and it worked. We didn’t realise how fortunate we were at the time, you know you get older, you get some perspective and see how lucky we were. We just got to do what we wanted to do for a living. That’s all we wanted to do.  It was everything a band could ask for.

Now it’s different. I think that the level of songwriting and musicianship on this album is better. We also know that the streaming thing has turned out to be saviour for us. We don’t really look at the charts and stuff.

Plans for the future?
Finish up the album we’re working on and then go and tour the album. In Australia of course!!

Interview by Iain McCallum

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