A Place To Bury Strangers Australian Tour

Having run levels into the red on sound desks across the world, New York City’s A Place to Bury Strangers bring their mesmerising mix of pain and pleasure back to Australia with brand new album, Pinned.

Their fifth full length album finds them converting difficult moments into some of their most urgent work to date.

Opening with a frightening crescendo of group vocals, vertiginous guitar work and Lunadon’s unrelenting bass in Never Coming Back, there are searing meditations on truth and government-led conspiracies (Execution), as well as haunting, harmonised responses to the tensions of the current political climate (There’s Only One of Us).

Formed in 2003 when Oliver Ackermann offered to drum for a friend’s band but by the end of the first practice Ackermann had switched to guitar and vocals and APTBS was born.

Quickly garnering acclaim from their stunning performances with Brian Jonestown Massacre, it has been the band’s increasingly chaotic live performances that built their legion of fans and seen them applauded as the revival of “the ominous, feedback-drenched drones of the 1980s” The New York Times.

Sinewy, slightly sinister APTBS suck you in with their paranoid pop only to be blow you away again by the gate-crashing melodies and the sputtering percussion.

Joining APTBS on all Aus shows will be Melbourne’s Flyying Colours who arrive at a sound that combines My Bloody Valentine’s wall-of-sound guitars and barely there girl/boy vocals with sun-drenched melodies.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness noise rock royalty A Place To Bury Strangers as bring their ear shattering nuisances to Australia.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/aplacetoburystrangers/

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