Sydney’s all girl riot-pop squad, RACKETT, release their second EP – I Please Myself. Following the success of their single, Tried to Quit, a stand-out track featured on the EP, with their Sydney single launch ‘SOLD OUT’ and over 500,000 views of the song on Youtube, the band have dropped this chaotic masterpiece to match, which they describe as ‘their best work yet’.

With the title track I Please Myself, offering listeners a new sound for RACKETT, featuring some electronic elements, fusing the band’s signature indie rock sound with an underground club feel reminiscent of the band’s current musical muse, Peaches. The EP features three new, unreleased songs, singles in their own right; I Please MyselfKiss It Better and FU, alongside Tried to Quit to create an upbeat, sonic explosion that captures the energy of their acclaimed live show. Bass heavy, layered with super fuzzed out guitars and finished with edgy vocals, the EP is full of attitude and instrumentally detailed. Rebecca Callander from the band answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

As a band has 2018 exceeded all your expectations and what you could have hoped for?
No. I expected to win an ARIA, be supporting Taylor Swift, selling out the Enmore Theatre, have my own RACKETT fragrance line and to be dating Leonardo Decaprio by now. Guess there’s always next year.

What highlights stand out most for you this year? 
We went to space, got captured by a man and escaped his human DNA lab, gave birth to an exorcist demon baby, became fashion models and ended up back where we started, head-banging in next to nothing in dingy pub. But I think the moment I’m most proud of was when Kasey Chambers asked to join RACKETT.

Does it feel like the cherry on top to have your second EP out before the year is out? 
Hell yes, nothing like playing 150 shows in a row, gigging three to four times a week all across Australia with next to no money, no management, no label, no sleep, no fucks to give but making sure your fans have the best damn night of their lives at your show, then just when you think you’re gonna get 8 hours sleep, you decide to put out an EP on your own with no PR, no label, no management, six months ahead of schedule because fuck it, it will never be more perfect than it already is.

Sonically, did you think you have changed much from the first EP? 
Prey is completely different and so is I Please Myself, both different from each other track on each EP. But there is still a lot of sonic continuity, we used the same producer, mostly the same band and I’m stilled jaded about my love life and Donald Trump so, that hasn’t changed.

Did you take away a lot from recording the first EP?
Yeah I took out the trash and cleaned the place up this time round.

Who is your biggest musical influence and why?
Peaches, The Hives and Bikini Kill are my most influential artists and bands right now.

Was it always the intention to bring to the fore the most suppressed parts of yourself?
No, I didn’t realise I was naked until I walked out the front door.

Did that feel like a cleansing process?
I guess it’s pushed the limits, not sure I feel cleansed, if anything I feel dirtier than before, but the difference is now I feel OK with that. Whilst listening to a lot of Peaches I became less inhibited, I thought to myself if this chick can tell people to ‘fuck the pain away’ and they love it then there is something inside us, me, that’s screaming for that dirty, gratification. For someone else to say it loud so everyone else can feel ok about it. I would test a lot of music whilst I was DJing between RACKETT shows to see how people would react to explicit lyrical content and they loved it.

What does the summer look like for Rackett?
It looks like a lot of people singing RACKETT music, in and out of airports and hopefully a selfie of me and Miley Cyrus ‘hanging’.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Rackett - I Please Myself

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