Megan Mullally Brings Her Band Nancy & Beth To Adelaide

Nancy And Beth is the punk/vaudeville heart-child of two friends – Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt – who pick dope songs and then sing them while dancing and wearing matching costumes, and they’re heading to Adelaide Cabaret Festival next June as part of their Australian tour.

With a combination of psychic twinship, childlike enthusiasm, rigorous preparation of songs, and zero preparation of what happens in between, Megan and Stephanie and the five dollfaces that back them up have created a musical outfit that is celebratory, surprising, sweet, tuneful, eye-catching, thought-provoking, and amusing.

Hailed as “the most avant-garde show to play the Cafe Carlyle in recent memory” (Theater Mania) and “musical misfits” (NPR All Things Considered), Nancy And Beth have also wormed their way into the Newport Folk Festival, the Grand Ole Opry, London’s Royal Festival Hall, Solid Sound, and many, many other sweet venues in the US and abroad, leaving audiences with feelings of happiness and contentment.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Julia Zemiro:

“I am beyond thrilled to announce one of our first acts of the 2019 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. It’s a buddy act. It’s punk vaudeville and they call themselves Nancy And Beth.

“It’s song and dance but not as you know it. It’s out of the box and it’s not Karen from Will and Grace as you know her.

“It’s Megan Mullally in cahoots with Stephanie Hunt. Two besties and a band, breaking the routine. Let yourselves be seduced.”

In summation, bring yourself and your friends to see Nancy And Beth (yes everyone, the A is capitalised, please try to keep your sh*t together) and let them entertain you. Bigly. Like two funny fairies who can sing and dance.

Dates have also been announced in Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Hobart and dates for Sydney to be announced in the New Year.

Nancy And Beth is…

Megan Mullally (vocals, choreography)
Stephanie Hunt (vocals)
Datri Bean (keyboards, vocals)
Joe Berardi (drums)
Petra Haden (strings, vocals)
Roy Williams (guitar, vocals)
Andrew Pressman (bass, vocals)

Sunday, 9 June -and- Monday, 10 June 2019

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre,
Adelaide Cabaret Festival SA
Tickets on sale now from | BASS 131 246

Nancy & Beth Album.jpeg

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