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Melbourne groove makers That Gold Street Sound are releasing the second single, Rain, from their forthcoming long-player, Trick Of The Light, which is due for release early 2019. A follow on their first single Only Lonely, which hit the airwaves back in August, Rain is a gorgeous soulful track that showcases what audiences can expect from the band’s debut album. Featuring a fifteen-piece guest choir, the track is uplifting, rapturous and builds a feeling of hope within the music and vocals.

Trick Of The Light is an album That Gold Street Sound have been working towards for the past six years. It follows on from their previously well-received singles and their 2013 self-titled EP. A mixture of straight-up soul and traditional funk, it was recorded over two-years but features songs that were written across the past decade. Rain was one of those tracks, and progressed over the years into its current format. When it was originally penned, it was a folk-country song with a different chord progression and a completely different vibe, that took on a life of its own. The band answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Congratulations on the new single Rain, was it a big undertaking working with a choir?
Thanks! We are really pleased with how it turned out. Working with the choir had some technical challenges in the studio as we ran out of headphones for them to hear the track, but we worked around it. There was also a bit of arranging the parts on the fly. Despite all that, they nailed it in half a day and it really is the icing on the cake of the track.

Was this always in the thought process to have a choir involved in this song?
Not originally. As the recording developed, we realised that the chord progression had a gospel feel to it. After adding a Hammond organ part, the idea of getting a choir in was thrown around a bit. There’s a risk of getting a bit overexcited and adding too much to a recording, but we thought it was worth a crack. As soon as they’d done one take it became obvious that it would work.

What is the story behind Rain?
Jim (guitar) wrote the song years ago. It was originally in a very different format being more of a folk song. It had gathered dust in his brain for some years before he reworked it and brought it to the band. We started playing it live, and altering the format. The plan was for it to be an album track, but as it developed in the studio it became a favourite amongst the band (and our mums).

Do you remember when and where the idea came to you for the song?
Jim wrote this one so couldn’t really comment.

How would you describe The Gold Street Sound sonically?
Big. Having a three piece horn section ‘The Goldie Horns’, a loud rhythm section and two vocalists creates a lot of energy. Our live set travels through funk, soul and even some rockier moments. It never fails to get the audience up on their feet, even that weird gig we once played in a library to a bunch of eight year olds.

How did That Gold Street Sound get together?
Jim (guitar) and Steve (drummer) used to live next door to each other on Gold Street in Collingwood. Jim used to hear Steve’s drumming through the walls and they struck up a conversation one day. The band has been though several iterations since then over the last seven years but the current lineup has been together for a couple of years now.

What are the shared influences for the band?
As an eight piece there’s a diverse set of influences ranging from old soul and funk, to more modern Daptone Records stuff. We are also heavily influenced by the Melbourne Soul scene which has been going ballistic for the last few years. We love that you can go out almost any night of the week and see bands like Cookin’ on 3 Burners, The Putbacks and The Sugarcanes.

What has been the most valuable piece of advice given to you so far?
To focus on making the music or art that you want to make, rather than just chasing success and money.

Is there an EP or album in the works?
The full length album Trick of the Light is finished! We will be releasing it on February 16 with a launch show at Geddes Lane Ballroom in Melbourne and The Factory Floor in Sydney on February 23.

What does 2019 look like for the band?
Exciting! Releasing our debut full length album which has been in the works for years. Interstate gigs in Sydney and Brisbane, and using all this excitement and energy to start writing the next one.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch The Gold Street Sound on the following dates. More info at The Gold Street Sound official website.

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