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Adelaide based three-piece rock outfit, Cosmo Thundercat, have released their highly anticipated new single, My Friend and it’s an absolute beauty. It is the long-awaited single following their 2016 EP Warning Bell and will be sure to capture you with their raw and honest approach.

My Friend is a captivating track with an underlining depth. The essence of the song was inspired by the overwhelming emotions felt when someone, in particular, consumes your every thought. My Friend depicts a certain sense of desperation, felt through layers of evocative rock sounds and explosive rhythms. Anthony Callisto answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What’s the latest for Cosmo Thundercat?
We’ve just released a brand-new track called My Friend which we love. We’re jamming on some new stuff and just enjoying being a band.

Is the pressure off a little bit now you have some new music out?
I wouldn’t say it’s pressure, but it does feel like something has been set free. So much energy and emotion goes into the process of birthing a song, from the first note to the finished piece. To share it is a nice feeling. We knew there was a bit of a wait too, so it’s great to see how people are responding to it.

Did it take a while to get your ideas sorted and work out where you wanted to take this one sonically?
The song was brewing for a long time. It wasn’t until I stopped to sit down with it and it all just clicked. It came together quickly, piece by piece it all fell into place in a night. A week later it was recorded. Recording with Jackson Barclay (engineer/producer) was magic, he’s switched on, creative and aligned perfectly with our vibe and vision for the song.

What’s the story behind My Friend?
‘My Friend’ is a feverish letter to a friend that possibly has no idea you have crossed their mind. It’s about that frustration of knowing you are alone in those thoughts. The essence of it came from toying with the idea that the thought of someone can be all-consuming. It’s high energy and rockin’ musically, but also lyrically it deals with complex and rather introverted feelings.

Did your own experiences shape this one?
Yeah, my own experiences shape much of what I do, whether it’s directly or indirectly. There’s a sense of desperation with this song that I know many can also relate to.

Is this single a part of an EP or album?
I’ll maintain the mystery on this one but stay tuned for more.

Do you think the Cosmo Thundercat sound has changed much since the EP?
Sammy, Dave and I have gone back to jamming as a three piece. This has invited a raw energy into the set, which is translating into some of the tunes.

Are tour plans locked in for the summer?
We are hoping to get back on the road late-Summer. Our priority is our hometown single launch show on 31stNovember, then we’re back to making music before going anywhere.

Who is your most favourite Adelaide band and why?
Mane is incredible. We played with her earlier in the year, and I was drawn into the powerful and emotive sound of her voice.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Cosmo Thundercat at the launch of their single at Chateau Apollo on Friday 30 November. Tickets from Mosh Tix.

Cosmo Thundercat Single Launch

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