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The Betoota Advocate will tour Australia in November/December 2018. Clancy Overell and Errol Parker will treat audiences to a no holds barred live show in true Betoota-style, filled with their trademark wit and humour. Whilst The Betoota Advocate has long thrived in the print, online, radio and podcast worlds, this will be the first time it is brought to life on stage. Errol Parker answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

For those who haven’t heard of the Betoota Advocate what is the background behind this publication?
It is arguably Australia’s Oldest Newspaper and has served the people of the Diamantina for over two hundred years.

How did the whole idea of the Roadshow come about?
We were railroaded into doing this by the Betoota Chamber of Commerce who gave us little option to say no.

How did you consolidate all the stories and history of this media empire in to a 90 minute show?
With great difficulty. The only way to answer that is for you and everyone else to come see it. It’s been a big hit in the towns we have visited.

What are you hoping show goers walk away knowing after going to this Roadshow?
Not everything you read is true and learning what is and what isn’t will become of pillar of our democracy herein.

What is the format of the show and how is the audience involved?
We ask the people their opinion on certain things. We also take people on a tour of town, the many subcultures that exist out here on the gibber stone flats of the Diamantina Shire.

What has been the biggest news story that the Betoota Advocate has broken?
I’m not sure. Maybe the gun control one? If you read our newspaper regularly, then you know the one. It shared quite alot in america

What is the secret to keep a media empire going and not losing sight of your vision?
Being poor.

Is the art of journalism dead in the digital age?
No, it’s just that people don’t care anymore. But its hard to know what they do care about. It requires a lot of surveyance.

What do you think about contemporary news reporting?
It’s heart is in the right place, I think.

How would describe the readers of the Betoota Advocate?
Polite and approachable. Firm handshake and firm handle on life.

Can you see the Betoota Advocate still going strong in 50 years time? Even 100 years?
That’d be nice but I don’t expect much, too be honest. The internet is the wild west.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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