The Bronx, High Tension, Private Function @ The Gov, Adelaide 28/10/2018

Sunday night at The Gov kicks off with Private Function, no we’re not excluded from this event this is Melbourne’s self-described sticky carpet pub Punk Fury and I’ve got to say it’s one seriously fitting description. Some seriously high energy pulsing off stage! Sometimes we get trapped into trying to compare bands with others but these guys just bring a hard punk rock energy and keep the tempo up so you can forget about all your problems, and have some fun, So there’s no need take care who you think they sound like Private function carved it up with Ripping original tracks like No Hat, No Play the not too PC, I Wish Australia Had Its Guns Back, Spontaneous Combustion and a hundred miles an hour cover of Midnight Oil’s King Of The Mountain these guys just might need a little lie down after throwing that much energy in our faces certainly no easing in to this punk rock show.

High Tension follow and, oh my, there’s certainly no chance to sit down here, post hardcore/ metal it’s a crossover, sometimes there’s no clear definition, but it really doesn’t matter, their heavy frenetic guitar and Bass were straining to be heard while drummer Lauren Hammel assassinated the drum kit ( I can’t describe it any other way) fast, furious and heavy with brutal vocals befitting of a show coming up to Halloween they conjure images of nightmares.  Playing tracks off latest release Purge, songs like Rise showing the band sheer ferocity and blending seamlessly with older works like last album’s title track Bully and show us that you can never judge a book by its cover as Utomo stares you down! High Tension bought the goods with a heavy fast and Beautiful sound.

The Bronx (who incidentally hail from L.A. California) Have long been fan favourites at festivals and shows across Australia, regularly visiting our Shores and releasing some five albums in their punk rock formation (excluding Mariachi El Bronx) and they are certainly not slowing down after over fifteen years touring. With new drummer Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age) bringing a heavy-handed sound to the already pummelling productions that have been finely honed by Joby J. Ford, Ken Horne (Guitars) and Brad Magers (Bass).

The Bronx keep demonstrating a passion for performing live and interacting with their loving audience. Vocalist Matt Caughthran has in fact been singing from the centre of the mosh pit for a number of years now,  getting eye to eye with the Punters and sometimes showing them how it’s done! The Bronx sound has been solid throughout their career, their whole catalogue from old favourites like Heart Attack American and Shitty Future seem to sit perfectly side-by-side new songs like Sore Throat, Stranger Danger and 2013 album’s Ribcage or The Unholy Hand. A sweaty, raucous adventure always awaits when you’re holding a Bronx ticket in your hand and Sunday night at The Gov was no exception, with all three bands demonstrating that Punk rock isn’t simply Punk rock, its hard to define, and with all the variance the one thing that’s common is an energy that’s simply too hard to resist.

Live Review by Peter Young

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