Skid Row, Matterhorn, Fyre Byrd @ The Gov, Adelaide 24/10/2018

Where Are the Youth Gone… Old? It’s been a ridiculous twenty eight years since hair metal legends Skid Row have played in Adelaide, 1990 at Thebarton Theatre in support of their self titled album was the last time. Bach was still in the band, they were the hottest thing on the strip and from all reports the show was off-tap. Unfortunately at the ripe old age of eight, I was not there, but fast forward almost thirty years and I was pretty excited to finally see them in my home town.

You would think that given the thirty odd years in the making that the place would be absolutely brimming, but when you arrive and the venue is set up with chairs and tables, its not a great sign. Whether it was a ‘school night’ or other reasons punters were not out in force.

The opening acts Fyre Byrd and Matterhorn did their thing. Fyre Byrd are a young energetic brother sister two peace and boy did they have a crack. Daniella was all over the drum kit and Josh was riffing hard, really big sound for a two peace and definitely one to keep an eye on. The more experienced and well know Matterhorn were up next. They are a great cover band who have recently turned to original material, Amanda’s vocals are strong and powerful and well supported by Brendan and Steve on the guitars, Brendan making his guitar look like a ukulele his hands are so big. By the time Skid Row were set to hit the stage the crowd filled a little, but nowhere near what they deserved.

You could excuse Skid Row for looking out at the crowd and just dialling their performance in, but this couldn’t have been further from what happened, they absolutely tore it up!! Hitting the stage and ripping into an opening stanza of Slave To The Grind, Sweet Little Sister and Peace of Me which set the tone and got the crowd moving and singing along. New singer ZP showed his fantastic vocal range, bringing his own style to the classics, but still hitting the high notes that really set Skid Row apart back in the day. So many crackers, but Big Guns and 18 & Life were definitely well received as was Rachel’s cover of the Sex Pistols God Save and Queen. The original three members looked to be really enjoying themselves on stage and were super gracious in the dealings with the crowd. The main set was finished with an extended version of Monkey Business featuring an epic guitar battle between and Scotty and Snake.

After a short break the boys returned to fire a quick fire encore featuring more classic anthems I Remember You, Get the Fuck Out and the biggest of all Youth Gone Wild. Despite the size of crowd they were in good voice and with so many sing-alongs you couldn’t help but leave on a high.

A lesser band might have thrown in the towel given the small crowd, but Skid Row really showed their class and delivered a bloody good show!! Hopefully we see them here again inside the next thirty years.

Live Review by Tim Nicholas

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